Friday, June 1

the wait is killing me!

i am the most impatient person! wait? who me?!

and teresa is trying to kill me, i just know it! this waiting for silver bella is torture. i am a wreck over it all! i thought registration was opening on friday, and yesterday i had my days turned around. i suddenly had a mini melt down as i was stuck in LA thinking i had missed the whole thing! after calling my friend to register me, instructing her to "just do your best, sign me up for ANYTHING!" she told me it was thursday. i actually asked her if she was sure! OMG! then as i was standing in mcDonalds waiting for my consoling diet coke and fries, trying to regulate my heart rate back to a normal level, i got a call from the same friend saying the projects had just been posted on the bella blog. i was so excited, clapping my hands and shreeking in delight, that when i got off the phone two women actually asked me what had happened. it's a bit grounding to tell a stranger that your screaming into your phone over art classes. when they found out i was going to nebraska for said classes, i could see that look in thier eyes. you know the one? like it just registered in their mind... "oh. shh... she's crazy." they look at their kids like "just smile at the nice lady. she isn't dangerous."

i'm nuts! do you hear me teresa? nuts! crazy! i'll probably be so nervous trying to register as fast as i can tomorrow, it'll take me so long the whole bella ball will sell out before i am finished typing my name!
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