Monday, July 30

I {{heart}} San Francisco

A fun filled weekend away was just what the doctor ordered for Mr. Warren and his wife. I know there are mixed reviews about my beloved S.F., but I adore it! Here in photo's are a few reasons why (click on the pictures to super size them)...
amazing history and views. Gotta love the painted ladies (unless like my husband you feel no need to get out of the car, because after all, you've seen them before. my husband)!
The Palace Hotel...
breakfast at the historic landmark Garden Court. They have an exquisite Sunday Brunch, if you ever get the chance.
This is the most beautiful room I have ever been in! The sky lit ceiling is leaded glass.
Love, love, love it here!! So thankful to finally stay here... I could lay on their floor and just look up all afternoon...

Mr. Warren heading out for a jaunt about town...
the view from our room...
the must see Timeless Treasures...
pretty darn cute, huh?!
and just look at everything they pack into this little gem!
fresh flowers anyone? or perhaps a sweet...
and art everywhere! even on the buildings!
great restaurants! Mr. Warren's roast quail dinner (I stuck with chicken and polenta!)
and just 20 minutes down the coast in Pacifica, on our way to Half Moon Bay... you get a view like this, below. betcha didn't know rural coastline like this was just over the hills, huh?!
i love these dog days of summer, don't you!?

thanks for a great weekend Mr. Warren {wink!}

Wednesday, July 25

winner, winner, winner!

Sorry I am posting this a day late, but I really did (ethyn actually) pick the winner's yesterday afternoon. I have been locked up in my scrap room trying to get it under control! How does this chaos happen so quickly!? Good Lord, I know I am messy when I work, but this OUT. OF. CONTROL. I'll leave you with happier thoughts...

I have a winner, two actually (insert drum roll, please)...
Cindy Bakeman of So Inspired is the first winner, and Heidi of Birds of a Feather was the first to pick my secret number 5.

I will be sending out your goodie packs tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who played along, and also for all your kind words. You guys are the best! Now back to that horrid mess I call my creative place, ha!

why can't it look like this again?! see ALL THAT FLOOR SPACE?!

Monday, July 23

Put another candle on the Birthday cake!

This is the birthday month to be sure! And today's birthday wish goes out to the fab~U Miss Teresa McFayden. Kim asked a few of us to gather for a celebration of sorts and I am happy, happy to be a part of this! Go take a peek at her blog and she set up a link for you all to see all the party wear! We all made and sent our Birthday Bella party hats for her special day. Here is mine below...

Enjoy Teresa, you are sure to be the Belle of the Ball at your house, and if we have anything to do with it, you'll be donning a new hat everyday for the rest of the year! Hope all your birthday wishes come true.

xoxo, Dede

Saturday, July 21

Happy Birthday!

To my blog, and to this sweetie! My Blog~ A~ Roo is 1 and he is 5! My favorite number hint, hint, hint!!!

In other news, I finally started updating my Etsy shop, time to start moving some of {{this stuff}} outta here!

Happy weekend, happy summer to you all!

don't forget to leave your name, e-mail address, and lucky number in the comments below. I am picking my lucky winner on the 24th, the anniversary of my hot diggity ~ blog diggity!

Monday, July 16

1 for me, 1 for you

Heather Bluhm of Bluhm Studios did a little giveaway last week, and I was one of the lucky winners. She designs blog banners, etsy banners, photo watermarks and more. She gave me my choice of what I'd like her to design and with just a bit of working together (and very quickly I might add) she created the banner above. She even installed it into my blogger template for me! I liked it so much I had her create an Etsy banner that is similar. I did pay her for that, but I can tell you it sure wasn't much! And oh so worth it to me. If you're as tech illiterate as I am, hop on over and have her make a little something special for you too.

I am thrilled to have a new look at this one year anniversary of my blog (well, it's actually on the 24th). I think I'll celebrate with a little giveaway of my own. If you like vintage paper (book paper, illustrations, wallpaper, sheet music, vintage photo album pages, etc...), and ephemera... just leave your name and e-mail in the comments below. I will put a bundle together for one of you. Next Tuesday I will draw the winner. Hope you'll play along! Oh, and to make it more fun, tell me your favorite number and if its the one I've written down you'll be lucky winner no. 2!

Just paying it forward.

Saturday, July 14

...but I'm not a stamper

while I have never considered myself "a stamper", I have often thought about checking this out. today was the day. it did not disappoint, and as a matter of fact it far surpassed anything I was expecting.

my first stop was at Teesha Moore's booth, and there I stayed for almost an hour. even e was happy, especially after getting his first birthday present from Teesha's husband Tracey. as ethyn looked at Tracey's amazing "5" art journal, we realized ethyn will be 5 in 5 days, and so came this picture, and a $5 stamp of his choice as Tracey's gift to e.
i've seen Teesha's site before and even ordered a few things, but i always thought her style was a bit dark, or just a bit past my comfort zone. but I have to say after seeing her journals, collage prints, and stamps in person, this stuff is great. i brought a pack of it home with me (i have been playing with it all this afternoon. it is the most i have worked in my art journal in a long time). it is very different from the soft, light colors I typically use, but I have many moods, and many styles that strike a cord in me. jsut look at teesha's journal. it is amazing to hold and explore. oh, how i would love to create something like this.

i love the growth exploring new supplies brings. happy sunday to you.

Thursday, July 12

do you want to see perfection?

because it was delivered to my house yesterday afternoon! Jenny had a sweet little swap~a~roo (aren't her's the best?!), and my swap partner was Shoshanah Jennings of Hannah Grey curiosities & drygoods. We made and swapped {{Bits & Pieces}} collages. You can check it out here.

Well, Ms Jennings created the grand masterpiece in my estimation, and it landed on my doorstep much to my happiness! take a look for yourself and tell me if I'm not the luckiest girl in town!

I told you it was perfection! here is a bit of my post to Shoshanah thank her for this little bit of loveliness she was kind enough to send my way.

Shosh!!!! I got it! My beautiful {{bits & Pieces}} collage! I aDoRe it!!! there is nothing you can have done to make me any happier than I am with your sweet creation! it will ProudLy and HapPily be displayed in a most prominent spot in my little scrappy room!!!

Oh Shosh, honestly! it is perfection! Thanks, thanks, a million thanks for my collage and all the extra bits & pieces you sent. The broken doll head is FABULOUS!!!! i have wanted one for so long. i think she may have to in some way make it into my Marie Antoinette book, perhaps in a little nook in the back as... "the end of Marie".

Thanks agian sweet Shoshanah. you're the best! and one of the most talented to be sure!!

Wednesday, July 11

busy, busy, busy!!

all in a good way!

went to Lilia's class at Sweetpea's with Vicki last saturday. we had a great time! and we learned so much!!
not all people who put classes together, teach. this, i have learned in the past year. that, and most classes don't need to be classes. in other words, if you saw the project, you could make it. Lilia is a fabulous teacher! you actually learn a skill, or technique, many actually! i love not only her creative style, but her teaching style as well! I would highly suggest taking a class with her if you can!

my sweet friend Rebecca and her family are in town from Washington state. they came in sunday night and we have spent the week together. it is so nice to finally meet in person. we meet online a couple years ago, and i am completely enjoying all we are doing... Disneyland two days in a row, Scrapbook Oasis, The Art Bar, and today Laguna Beach (i think). oy, to lay at the feet of the ocean, cool drink at hand, and the sounds of happy beach vacationers.

i have been working on a few swaps, art books and more in between. i will share more photos soon. just need the time to upload, etc..

i'll be back soon, have a great day!

Thursday, July 5

Happy Feet!

Nothing says summer to me like bare feet, tootsies in the sand, or little piggies pink and sweet. hope you're enjoying your summer!

Tuesday, July 3

havin a heat wave!

This is our first hot week of the summer, and right on the heels of being in AZ last week. That must have been my practice run. I can think of no better way to spend a hot day in southern California than at Huntington Beach! So that's where E and I headed this morning with friends. This is the first time that Ethyn has really enjoyed the waves. I spent at least two hours in the water as it was really strong today. But the boys loved it, and I am glad. I loVe the bEach but mostly from shore, so I am wiped out this evening and will sleep well tonight! Nothing like sleep after a day at the beach, that and salty chips!

I finished my little Sparkle Bella book yesterday morning. It started out as the book I made in Teresa McFayden's class but I have altered it so far from her original that I have decided to make another just like the class project. I love this little book though, and filled it with photos from last weekend.

Below is my collage I sent out to Shoshanah, my swap partner from Jenny's Bits and Pieces collage swap. It's a bit of a sneak peek, I will show it in full as soon as she has it.

And finally, I hope all of you have Happy 4th of July. I wish you happy summer laughter with family and friends, BBQ goodness, cool slices of watermelon, maybe even a water balloon or two, and a great festive day celebrating this wonderful country we live in. To all those serving our country now, and to those who have served in the past thank you. Thank you for all you do! Peace be with us all!
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