Wednesday, July 11

busy, busy, busy!!

all in a good way!

went to Lilia's class at Sweetpea's with Vicki last saturday. we had a great time! and we learned so much!!
not all people who put classes together, teach. this, i have learned in the past year. that, and most classes don't need to be classes. in other words, if you saw the project, you could make it. Lilia is a fabulous teacher! you actually learn a skill, or technique, many actually! i love not only her creative style, but her teaching style as well! I would highly suggest taking a class with her if you can!

my sweet friend Rebecca and her family are in town from Washington state. they came in sunday night and we have spent the week together. it is so nice to finally meet in person. we meet online a couple years ago, and i am completely enjoying all we are doing... Disneyland two days in a row, Scrapbook Oasis, The Art Bar, and today Laguna Beach (i think). oy, to lay at the feet of the ocean, cool drink at hand, and the sounds of happy beach vacationers.

i have been working on a few swaps, art books and more in between. i will share more photos soon. just need the time to upload, etc..

i'll be back soon, have a great day!

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