Saturday, July 14

...but I'm not a stamper

while I have never considered myself "a stamper", I have often thought about checking this out. today was the day. it did not disappoint, and as a matter of fact it far surpassed anything I was expecting.

my first stop was at Teesha Moore's booth, and there I stayed for almost an hour. even e was happy, especially after getting his first birthday present from Teesha's husband Tracey. as ethyn looked at Tracey's amazing "5" art journal, we realized ethyn will be 5 in 5 days, and so came this picture, and a $5 stamp of his choice as Tracey's gift to e.
i've seen Teesha's site before and even ordered a few things, but i always thought her style was a bit dark, or just a bit past my comfort zone. but I have to say after seeing her journals, collage prints, and stamps in person, this stuff is great. i brought a pack of it home with me (i have been playing with it all this afternoon. it is the most i have worked in my art journal in a long time). it is very different from the soft, light colors I typically use, but I have many moods, and many styles that strike a cord in me. jsut look at teesha's journal. it is amazing to hold and explore. oh, how i would love to create something like this.

i love the growth exploring new supplies brings. happy sunday to you.
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