Thursday, July 12

do you want to see perfection?

because it was delivered to my house yesterday afternoon! Jenny had a sweet little swap~a~roo (aren't her's the best?!), and my swap partner was Shoshanah Jennings of Hannah Grey curiosities & drygoods. We made and swapped {{Bits & Pieces}} collages. You can check it out here.

Well, Ms Jennings created the grand masterpiece in my estimation, and it landed on my doorstep much to my happiness! take a look for yourself and tell me if I'm not the luckiest girl in town!

I told you it was perfection! here is a bit of my post to Shoshanah thank her for this little bit of loveliness she was kind enough to send my way.

Shosh!!!! I got it! My beautiful {{bits & Pieces}} collage! I aDoRe it!!! there is nothing you can have done to make me any happier than I am with your sweet creation! it will ProudLy and HapPily be displayed in a most prominent spot in my little scrappy room!!!

Oh Shosh, honestly! it is perfection! Thanks, thanks, a million thanks for my collage and all the extra bits & pieces you sent. The broken doll head is FABULOUS!!!! i have wanted one for so long. i think she may have to in some way make it into my Marie Antoinette book, perhaps in a little nook in the back as... "the end of Marie".

Thanks agian sweet Shoshanah. you're the best! and one of the most talented to be sure!!
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