Tuesday, July 3

havin a heat wave!

This is our first hot week of the summer, and right on the heels of being in AZ last week. That must have been my practice run. I can think of no better way to spend a hot day in southern California than at Huntington Beach! So that's where E and I headed this morning with friends. This is the first time that Ethyn has really enjoyed the waves. I spent at least two hours in the water as it was really strong today. But the boys loved it, and I am glad. I loVe the bEach but mostly from shore, so I am wiped out this evening and will sleep well tonight! Nothing like sleep after a day at the beach, that and salty chips!

I finished my little Sparkle Bella book yesterday morning. It started out as the book I made in Teresa McFayden's class but I have altered it so far from her original that I have decided to make another just like the class project. I love this little book though, and filled it with photos from last weekend.

Below is my collage I sent out to Shoshanah, my swap partner from Jenny's Bits and Pieces collage swap. It's a bit of a sneak peek, I will show it in full as soon as she has it.

And finally, I hope all of you have Happy 4th of July. I wish you happy summer laughter with family and friends, BBQ goodness, cool slices of watermelon, maybe even a water balloon or two, and a great festive day celebrating this wonderful country we live in. To all those serving our country now, and to those who have served in the past thank you. Thank you for all you do! Peace be with us all!
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