Wednesday, July 25

winner, winner, winner!

Sorry I am posting this a day late, but I really did (ethyn actually) pick the winner's yesterday afternoon. I have been locked up in my scrap room trying to get it under control! How does this chaos happen so quickly!? Good Lord, I know I am messy when I work, but this OUT. OF. CONTROL. I'll leave you with happier thoughts...

I have a winner, two actually (insert drum roll, please)...
Cindy Bakeman of So Inspired is the first winner, and Heidi of Birds of a Feather was the first to pick my secret number 5.

I will be sending out your goodie packs tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who played along, and also for all your kind words. You guys are the best! Now back to that horrid mess I call my creative place, ha!

why can't it look like this again?! see ALL THAT FLOOR SPACE?!
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