Wednesday, August 29

Blogger's been a bugger..

or maybe it's been the baby Mac. Oy! Hate having tech issues. Since Travis was home today, I got him to talk to tech support and I'm back to surfin' the net. Yeah!!!

All week I'd wanted to share these photo's. While Labor Day usually marks the end of summer for us, last week I enjoyed what will probably be my last hurrah. A few cousins were down from Northern California who had a time share in here in Newport for the week. So even thought I was only minutes from home, I enjoyed it as my last mini vacation of summer with them. We enjoyed beverages by the pool, lounging in the jacuzzi, swimming with two little ones, and these yummy drinks at this Champagne Bar. Oh so good...

My drink of choice was The Marie Antoinette. It's not just us creative girls loving our Marie lately! Who knew there was a drink named after her?

Below are a few of the things I picked up at last Saturdays shopping adventure with Vicki.

Sunday, August 26

simple pleasures

Originally uploaded by v_grobels
This is my girlfriend Vicki's front porch. Isn't it darling? How much would I love to have such a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of tea, or perhaps an afternoon drinkie poo!? Oh such a dreamy little space!

She and I spent yesterday hunting treasures at yard & estate sales. It's our favorite way to shop. Within a 2 mile radius of her house, we must have hit 20 sales. We went into the most amazing house, at one estate sale. The woman who lived there was very glamorous! I have never seen a home with the art and collectibles like this woman had... her shoes and clothes closet was a treasure of high society and glam, the tubs (in pink of course) were breathtaking, there were marble statues in the bathrooms, as well as surrounding the pools! It was such fun to explore this hidden treasures in the hills, and almost impossible to take it all in. Oh, why didn't I take my camera? Although we didn't buy a thing, and the style wasn't one I would want to duplicate, it was my favorite stop of the day! I can't wait to do it all again next weekend.

Monday, August 20

Is it hot in here?

So much has been going on around here lately. And all the while I have made Mr. Warren and Son listen to this...

... I just love my cute John as Edna! Wanna see a little secret? This is my nightstand...
Edna loves Wilbur, Sissy loved Bud, Danny had it bad for Sandy, but it's been John for me since his Saturday Night Fever, and Barbarino days! Clearly Mr Warren is comfortable with the competition. Is it getting hot in here or is it me?! Oy!

I've finally started working on something I've been thinking about for months. It can take so long to get started sometimes! Once it came together, my creativity kicked in. I spent all day yesterday working on it and love how everything is coming to life. I'll take photos soon...

I hit the flea market on Sunday, and found these that I had passed up a few weeks ago. Still there, and oh so glad it was. I'll save them for another day as well.
I also talked to this Sassy chick, and... drumroll please...Vicki and I are going to be vendor's at her big winter ball, Silver Bella. It will be a first for us and we are excited with ideas of the good stuff we'll share with everyone. I have visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, which are sure to stick around awhile.

Friday, August 17


Something to ponder over the weekend. sigh...

Wednesday, August 15

Round Robin Spoiler

No peeking if you don't want the surprise ruined!

I HATE to have a surprise spoiled! So I want to let the girls ( Vicki, Bonnie, Dawn, and Lori) know that I am posting photo's of the Round Robin books we have been working on all summer. We are drawing to a close on this project and while I have completely enjoyed it, I wish I had gotten to know a few of the girls a bit better. That's one great reason to do one of these collaborations. Unfortunately summer is a busy time, and the time needed to building relationships sometimes lags. One of the casualties of the season I suppose. No matter, I am thankful and grateful for all of their willingness to share in the process.

It's funny because the two girls I have gotten to know the best are both the closest and the furthest in terms of distance to me. Funny how things works out. Below are sneaks of the pages I have done in three of the 5 books...

Doing these are journals is a favorite of mine. I love sharing in work with others near and far. It's fun to learn from others and share in the process. If any of you out there have thought about doing something with others, do it. It is rewarding in so many ways. Don' t let your fear stop you. We all have something to give, as well as something to learn.

I would love to start another project before the holidays. e-mail me if you'd like to do the same...

Be well dear friends.
Be well.

Monday, August 13

I've been waiting patiently...

and it arrived at long last this past Friday. Finally! Oh, what was it? Spring cleaning, that's all. It made a short appearance in early spring then disappeared faster than fast. But mr clean kept me busy all weekend long. I washed the curtains in the scrappy room, cleaned the garage, Mr. warren made an Ikea pick up (I don't like Ikea at all! I call it Press-Board-City. But it is good for organization) for this (in white) to conquer closet clutter, reorganized my inspiration board, cleaned out drawers, picked up bins at Target and a new bedroom rug, made a donation center drop off, pulled weeds, trimmed trees... and on and on and on.... oh so glad to have it done!

I love that nesting feeling. Everything shiny clean. And as if to celebrate all my hard work, my Cath Kidston fabric arrived this afternoon. Now I have a clean space to sew my scrappy room curtains. Lets hope the energy for that hits before next spring!

I also want to say thanks to all of you who are supporting my etsy shoppe. You guys are the best! I love putting these packs together, and I will be listing new kits for you all week.

Thursday, August 9

Nice Matters

This week a dear friend Laura awarded me the nice award thats been passed around blogland. It surprised, but made me think...

Sometimes it's funny how the world brings something to out attention. The stars align, karma kicks in... call it what you want. But this week {{nice }} has been a common thread from day to day. In good ways and in ways not so good. I believe when this happens it (in this case "nice") is something I need to pay attention to.

I believe nice matters.
I do.

A dear friend of mind told me once "all I want is a kind word". I think it's all MOST of us want. Yet sometimes we forget to be nice to each other. I think it can happen to all of us. I know for me, I get caught up in my world, what I am doing, and I don't think about how my actions effect others. It doesn't cost anything more than giving of ourselves. It doesn't take any longer to say a nice word than it does to say nothing at all. Well... maybe it takes a second longer. But aren't others worth it, and aren't we? When I am nice to someone, I feel better. I hope they do too, but it effects me and I am glad it does. I just wanted to share what's been floating around me lately.... reminding me to be the person I really want to be.

Here are a few of the people I am passing this along to.

Vicki at I think I'm an Artist

Rebecca at Scraps of time

Teresa at My Minutia

Corrine at Sassy See, Sassy Do

Mary Holcomb at Oh Merci

There are so many more of you I could pass this onto. I am sorry I can't list you all. But I hope you know how much your kindness means to me when we do talk. Thanks again Laura for the shout out, and reminding me that nice matters.

Wednesday, August 8

Party Hat ~ update

I have a few of these Birthday hats available here, if your interested.

Once again the hostess is Artsy Mama, Kari. She has planned a little shindig revolving around creative blogging. Kari asked us to put together a tutorial of of sorts, sharing sometime creative with her viewers (or would that be readers?). Anyways, I chose to share how I made Teresa McFayden's birthday hat. After all it is a party, right? So get out your sissors and glue and lets make a pretty hat!

If you want to know how I made it, read on below. It is fairly easy and straightforward. It takes about 45 minutes. Here are the supplies needed ( a list will follow).
Here is the inside of the finished hat, lined with vintage sheet music. Yet another dandy use for this good stuff.
poster board for the base hat form in a 1/4 circle pattern (size is up to you, and determines finished size)
vintage wallpaper to cover outside of hat
sheet music to line inside of hat
vintage pattern with person of your choice
garland for trim
1 flower

1. cut a 1/4 circle for hatbase
2. cover one side with wallpaper
3. cover opposite side with sheet music
4. twist hat to form cone (make sure wallpaper is one the outside) staple or glue in place
5. trim garland to fit bottom of hat, and adhere. add bit to the top of hat as well
6. cut out pattern person and adhere to front, just above garland
7. create a bow, and adhere to bottom of hat, tucking behind garland trim
8. add a small flower next to ribbon

Now your party hat is ready to embellish any way you like. I added rub on's, sequins, and such to spruce mine up.

See how easy that way? I think you'll be making these for all your friends birthday, any celebration really!

Sunday, August 5

Updated! Somedays are just better than others

at the flea market at least. Let's keep this in perspective, right? I mean it's only stuff...

But it was. A good day at the flea market. I wasn't supposed to be there, but I decided this morning to go early and beat the heat and the crowds. I found "real" vintage wallpaper. You know... the pretty, painted floral wallpaper? It was at a booth I often look at but rarely buy anything at. But I couldn't leave without these couple of rolls, and was happy to have found a few pretty prints. I think so at least. Boy is this stuff brittle, and very hard to photograph. It wants to curl right up, and go back to it's long rolled up state. But here they are, pretty as a picture... or three...

I thought this little book below was way too funny to pass up, and it was so inexpensive. It is a small book of actual letters written to congressmen in the 40's. This is just one of many funny letters. I love stuff like this, especially since it's real (though my skeptic husband never believes this stuff is. Of course it's real!). Click on the photo's to super~size them, then you'll be able to read the print easily.

Isn't that a crack up?! Happy Sunday to you all, hope your weekend was great!

Several people have asked if these wallpapers are for sale. I didn't buy much of it, but I did put just a few packs together. You can see them here.

Thursday, August 2

this is the "share"...

in dream*create*share.

Many of you know I am going to Silver Bella in November. Well the swaps have started. The first one is just taking place this week. It is an Inspiration Swap where we send the following to our partner... 3 items that inspires us to create, 3 items that we've had for a while that we haven't used, 3 items to inspire our partner to create, and 1 handmade item. In no particular order are the great things I got from Stacy (sorry she doesn't have a blog). Look at all this loot!
I can't wait to hang this sweet Home Sweet Home in my studio...
I Love all this paper, and the 1956 magazines. Also love the titles of the songs on the sheet music! Can't wait to use those, and I already know what one will become.

How much do I love vintage jewelry!? Stacy clearly read the blog, or is a clairvoyant! Either way... I am one happy girl! I can't wait to break this stuff!!! That's my "red soul" coming out (read the post below for info).

and do you think I care if gorgeous Rock is gay?! Heck no, I could look at him all. day. long! Must be all those Doris Day Rock Hudson movies I watched as a girl.
... and the magazines have several of these old McCall's ads, just love em.
Thanks so much for all the goodies Stacy, you did a smashing job! I am completely inspired and can't wait to spend the weekend in my studio... hanging your picture, breaking that jewelry for other projects, and clipping those magazines. Thanks, thanks, thanks! You rock!

TGIF ~ chickas (and chickos, should there be any ;)

Wednesday, August 1

something fun, give it a whirl!

What color is your soul painted?


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