Wednesday, August 29

Blogger's been a bugger..

or maybe it's been the baby Mac. Oy! Hate having tech issues. Since Travis was home today, I got him to talk to tech support and I'm back to surfin' the net. Yeah!!!

All week I'd wanted to share these photo's. While Labor Day usually marks the end of summer for us, last week I enjoyed what will probably be my last hurrah. A few cousins were down from Northern California who had a time share in here in Newport for the week. So even thought I was only minutes from home, I enjoyed it as my last mini vacation of summer with them. We enjoyed beverages by the pool, lounging in the jacuzzi, swimming with two little ones, and these yummy drinks at this Champagne Bar. Oh so good...

My drink of choice was The Marie Antoinette. It's not just us creative girls loving our Marie lately! Who knew there was a drink named after her?

Below are a few of the things I picked up at last Saturdays shopping adventure with Vicki.

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