Wednesday, August 8

Party Hat ~ update

I have a few of these Birthday hats available here, if your interested.

Once again the hostess is Artsy Mama, Kari. She has planned a little shindig revolving around creative blogging. Kari asked us to put together a tutorial of of sorts, sharing sometime creative with her viewers (or would that be readers?). Anyways, I chose to share how I made Teresa McFayden's birthday hat. After all it is a party, right? So get out your sissors and glue and lets make a pretty hat!

If you want to know how I made it, read on below. It is fairly easy and straightforward. It takes about 45 minutes. Here are the supplies needed ( a list will follow).
Here is the inside of the finished hat, lined with vintage sheet music. Yet another dandy use for this good stuff.
poster board for the base hat form in a 1/4 circle pattern (size is up to you, and determines finished size)
vintage wallpaper to cover outside of hat
sheet music to line inside of hat
vintage pattern with person of your choice
garland for trim
1 flower

1. cut a 1/4 circle for hatbase
2. cover one side with wallpaper
3. cover opposite side with sheet music
4. twist hat to form cone (make sure wallpaper is one the outside) staple or glue in place
5. trim garland to fit bottom of hat, and adhere. add bit to the top of hat as well
6. cut out pattern person and adhere to front, just above garland
7. create a bow, and adhere to bottom of hat, tucking behind garland trim
8. add a small flower next to ribbon

Now your party hat is ready to embellish any way you like. I added rub on's, sequins, and such to spruce mine up.

See how easy that way? I think you'll be making these for all your friends birthday, any celebration really!
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