Monday, August 13

I've been waiting patiently...

and it arrived at long last this past Friday. Finally! Oh, what was it? Spring cleaning, that's all. It made a short appearance in early spring then disappeared faster than fast. But mr clean kept me busy all weekend long. I washed the curtains in the scrappy room, cleaned the garage, Mr. warren made an Ikea pick up (I don't like Ikea at all! I call it Press-Board-City. But it is good for organization) for this (in white) to conquer closet clutter, reorganized my inspiration board, cleaned out drawers, picked up bins at Target and a new bedroom rug, made a donation center drop off, pulled weeds, trimmed trees... and on and on and on.... oh so glad to have it done!

I love that nesting feeling. Everything shiny clean. And as if to celebrate all my hard work, my Cath Kidston fabric arrived this afternoon. Now I have a clean space to sew my scrappy room curtains. Lets hope the energy for that hits before next spring!

I also want to say thanks to all of you who are supporting my etsy shoppe. You guys are the best! I love putting these packs together, and I will be listing new kits for you all week.
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