Thursday, August 9

Nice Matters

This week a dear friend Laura awarded me the nice award thats been passed around blogland. It surprised, but made me think...

Sometimes it's funny how the world brings something to out attention. The stars align, karma kicks in... call it what you want. But this week {{nice }} has been a common thread from day to day. In good ways and in ways not so good. I believe when this happens it (in this case "nice") is something I need to pay attention to.

I believe nice matters.
I do.

A dear friend of mind told me once "all I want is a kind word". I think it's all MOST of us want. Yet sometimes we forget to be nice to each other. I think it can happen to all of us. I know for me, I get caught up in my world, what I am doing, and I don't think about how my actions effect others. It doesn't cost anything more than giving of ourselves. It doesn't take any longer to say a nice word than it does to say nothing at all. Well... maybe it takes a second longer. But aren't others worth it, and aren't we? When I am nice to someone, I feel better. I hope they do too, but it effects me and I am glad it does. I just wanted to share what's been floating around me lately.... reminding me to be the person I really want to be.

Here are a few of the people I am passing this along to.

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Corrine at Sassy See, Sassy Do

Mary Holcomb at Oh Merci

There are so many more of you I could pass this onto. I am sorry I can't list you all. But I hope you know how much your kindness means to me when we do talk. Thanks again Laura for the shout out, and reminding me that nice matters.
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