Wednesday, August 15

Round Robin Spoiler

No peeking if you don't want the surprise ruined!

I HATE to have a surprise spoiled! So I want to let the girls ( Vicki, Bonnie, Dawn, and Lori) know that I am posting photo's of the Round Robin books we have been working on all summer. We are drawing to a close on this project and while I have completely enjoyed it, I wish I had gotten to know a few of the girls a bit better. That's one great reason to do one of these collaborations. Unfortunately summer is a busy time, and the time needed to building relationships sometimes lags. One of the casualties of the season I suppose. No matter, I am thankful and grateful for all of their willingness to share in the process.

It's funny because the two girls I have gotten to know the best are both the closest and the furthest in terms of distance to me. Funny how things works out. Below are sneaks of the pages I have done in three of the 5 books...

Doing these are journals is a favorite of mine. I love sharing in work with others near and far. It's fun to learn from others and share in the process. If any of you out there have thought about doing something with others, do it. It is rewarding in so many ways. Don' t let your fear stop you. We all have something to give, as well as something to learn.

I would love to start another project before the holidays. e-mail me if you'd like to do the same...

Be well dear friends.
Be well.
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