Sunday, August 26

simple pleasures

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This is my girlfriend Vicki's front porch. Isn't it darling? How much would I love to have such a cozy spot to enjoy a cup of tea, or perhaps an afternoon drinkie poo!? Oh such a dreamy little space!

She and I spent yesterday hunting treasures at yard & estate sales. It's our favorite way to shop. Within a 2 mile radius of her house, we must have hit 20 sales. We went into the most amazing house, at one estate sale. The woman who lived there was very glamorous! I have never seen a home with the art and collectibles like this woman had... her shoes and clothes closet was a treasure of high society and glam, the tubs (in pink of course) were breathtaking, there were marble statues in the bathrooms, as well as surrounding the pools! It was such fun to explore this hidden treasures in the hills, and almost impossible to take it all in. Oh, why didn't I take my camera? Although we didn't buy a thing, and the style wasn't one I would want to duplicate, it was my favorite stop of the day! I can't wait to do it all again next weekend.
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