Sunday, August 5

Updated! Somedays are just better than others

at the flea market at least. Let's keep this in perspective, right? I mean it's only stuff...

But it was. A good day at the flea market. I wasn't supposed to be there, but I decided this morning to go early and beat the heat and the crowds. I found "real" vintage wallpaper. You know... the pretty, painted floral wallpaper? It was at a booth I often look at but rarely buy anything at. But I couldn't leave without these couple of rolls, and was happy to have found a few pretty prints. I think so at least. Boy is this stuff brittle, and very hard to photograph. It wants to curl right up, and go back to it's long rolled up state. But here they are, pretty as a picture... or three...

I thought this little book below was way too funny to pass up, and it was so inexpensive. It is a small book of actual letters written to congressmen in the 40's. This is just one of many funny letters. I love stuff like this, especially since it's real (though my skeptic husband never believes this stuff is. Of course it's real!). Click on the photo's to super~size them, then you'll be able to read the print easily.

Isn't that a crack up?! Happy Sunday to you all, hope your weekend was great!

Several people have asked if these wallpapers are for sale. I didn't buy much of it, but I did put just a few packs together. You can see them here.
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