Thursday, August 2

this is the "share"...

in dream*create*share.

Many of you know I am going to Silver Bella in November. Well the swaps have started. The first one is just taking place this week. It is an Inspiration Swap where we send the following to our partner... 3 items that inspires us to create, 3 items that we've had for a while that we haven't used, 3 items to inspire our partner to create, and 1 handmade item. In no particular order are the great things I got from Stacy (sorry she doesn't have a blog). Look at all this loot!
I can't wait to hang this sweet Home Sweet Home in my studio...
I Love all this paper, and the 1956 magazines. Also love the titles of the songs on the sheet music! Can't wait to use those, and I already know what one will become.

How much do I love vintage jewelry!? Stacy clearly read the blog, or is a clairvoyant! Either way... I am one happy girl! I can't wait to break this stuff!!! That's my "red soul" coming out (read the post below for info).

and do you think I care if gorgeous Rock is gay?! Heck no, I could look at him all. day. long! Must be all those Doris Day Rock Hudson movies I watched as a girl.
... and the magazines have several of these old McCall's ads, just love em.
Thanks so much for all the goodies Stacy, you did a smashing job! I am completely inspired and can't wait to spend the weekend in my studio... hanging your picture, breaking that jewelry for other projects, and clipping those magazines. Thanks, thanks, thanks! You rock!

TGIF ~ chickas (and chickos, should there be any ;)
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