Saturday, September 29

WaRninG ~ I'm nothin' but a Big ol' Faker!

Here is a little something I have thought about for over a year!!! Like most of us, I aDoRe Teresa McFayden's creative style. I had seen this last summer, and have thought about it ever since. I bought the glass tile at least 6 months ago, but it wasn't until I got Mendy's paper doll this week that I knew what I'd do with my McFayden {{knock off}}. I won't say I was inspired by Teresa, because I want to call it was it is "a complete immitation" and I hope she isn't mad, sad, or thinkin I'm a BiG ol' FaKe, art copying, creepy~creep for making it, all credit goes to her!! AND as if that isn't enough, I have Miss DarLinG sWeeT Mendy to thank for the star attraction {{the sweet paper doll she sent me in our swap}}. I just love my cute doll, and that I'll be able to spend time with her again each year, as I add her to my now growing HaLLoWeen garb.

OM Gosh, is this like the worst blog post ever?

PS: I'll be posting photo's of all the paper dolls once I get them all!
AND I spoke with Ms McFabulous ands she said heavens no, she didn't mind at all my knock off of her original. So happy for her understanding! Yet another reason to admire one so humble and kind!

Friday, September 28

HaLLoWeeN's HeRe

Well in the dinning room at least. Unlike most of the crafty gals in the neighborhood, I have never been one to go all out for Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I do like it. I just never did the over~the~top decorating some do.

So as I pulled my lone box from the garage I was surprised by how light it really was.

Thank goodness for Home Goods, and TJ Maxx, and now a mere $40 later, I have the mantel sufficiently spruced!

Shock that it may be, this is the only space indoors to receive any of the HaLLoWeen touch. I do plan on trying my hand at making the front porch look like the cover of this months issue of Home Companion. I just love the look!
One of my favorite pieces is the collage above, I did in a class with Candice last year at Scrapbook Oasis. I am so looking forward to her class next Friday. Mmmm... her mom made the best cuppy cakes for us. Hopefully we will be graced with something yummy again this year. I have a feeling so, Candice has the most supportive mother, and her baking ain't half bad either!

I'm off to work on my Martha Stewart purchases, boo!

Thursday, September 27

you guys rock!!

A big shout out for making The Marie Book Kit such a success. This is probably my last Etsy update until after November as I have New York with my husband and Silver Bellla to look forward to in the next month. I hope you enjoy making this book as much as I did. If you have any questions while working on it, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. All the kits will ship tomorrow morning.

Thanks again, have a great weekend!
xoxo, Dede

Tuesday, September 25

Marie, last Queen of France

Like everyone else I too have been bitten by the Bug o'Marie. I have been wanting to put a Marie Kit together for my Etsy shoppe for awhile. Today was the day. I have gathered as much as I could think of to make this opulent little book a treasure for the senses and a feast for the eyes.

I put this together as a project, and it includes a ton of glam, and bling. The papers, trim and ribbon will vary, but you will get all the images, rhinestones, and the rest of the supplies to make this 20 pages book. I have included everything, including the book and enough stuff to complete at least 10pages, instructions and a photo of each page of my book. You can trick out the rest as you wish!

Thursday, September 20

No photo's please

Oh how those words have diminished the photo's in this post! I heard about this in August, and realized it was right in my own backyard. I work part time as a personal assistant in the neighborhood and am at Fashion Island weekly. I was thrilled to find myself there just days after reading Lori's post, and stopped in for a peek at the dresses. Low and behold, the dresses weren't there. They had been held up somewhere along the way, so no dresses for us!

Then this week I read Heidi's blog. I couldn't believe my luck, last time no dresses, now it's over... or so said Rachel's website. Apparently they don't follow schedules very closely, because I found myself back at Fashion Island on Tuesday and there were the dresses! They are beautiful! They hang from the ceiling, hang in front of the windows, stand on old dress makers forms. They are everywhere and they are beautiful. Just beautiful

Well... two photo's is all I got before mall security informed me they have a "No photo's of Storefront's" policy (I cropped the photo's so you can at least pretend we got a really good look). Amazing, who thought of a policy like that? So girls, this is it. The long and the short of the Prom Dress showing. Sigh...

Thursday, September 13

chatty & creative, oh my!

Well I don't know if it's the whole balance thing kicking in or not, but whatever it is, it has kicked in. This is what I spent my day doing...

creating paperdolls for a few girls (10) who are doing a paper doll swap. I hope it's gonna work. It always amazing how seeing things in photos, adds a whole different perspective. For now I see that my dollies pretty pastel faces are really quite subtle. A bit too much so perhaps.
I also started a few things for the Silver Bella vendor night. It'll be here sooner than I know it, and I have a weeks trip to New York I am preparing for before the big bella ball. And then there are the swaps (6 of them) to make swap items for, 4 birthdays this month, and so on, and so on....

here's hoping at least the creative spurt sticks around for a while!

Wednesday, September 12

I {heart} boxes on my porch!

Thanks to all you thoughtful, generous, talented girls! Thanks for sharing, and sending such fabulous stuff my way!

Last week I won Andrea's giveaway for her 100th post. Just look at this glammy glitter she sent my way! Love the new colors and let me tell you these are NoT saMplE sizes! These are big honkin bottles of glitter. This stuff is sure to last forever and glam up lots of creations around here.

My next lovely package was from the petite McFayden better known as Sassy (aka Corrine). Corrine hosted a swap after being inspired by Lauren's lamp shades published in one of the Stampington magazines. She asked us to send in bits and pieces that we could embellish our lamp shades with. I have two and will use all this great stuff to spruce one. I'll share photo's once I dress it.

And last but not least is this sweet collage art piece from Natalie. Please meet my newest room mate Bertie. Natalie sent her my way when I won one of her many giveaways last week. I just love being surrounded by all these fun looking ladies from days gone by.

Thanks so much for sharing the love Andrea, Natalie, and Corrine. Thanks also to all the girls who participated in Corrine's swap. You guys really sent some great stuff in. I'm a little embarrassed by what I sent in, being that they were mini collaged tags. I hope you like them no matter their tiny size.

Tuesday, September 11

a day for thought and reflection

I am thankful to those who gave so generously on that day, six years ago. To those who fought so valiantly, and showed the best side of mankind.
My prayers are for those who lost family and friends. For those left behind, have it hardest I believe. My heart aches for their loss in such a senseless cruel way.
My hope is that somehow we will figure out how to truly be safe from such harm. Sometimes I think we will never achieve it, another side of me says we must.

Monday, September 10

finding balance

I finally find myself slowing down a bit from all the flea market and estate sale shopping. I am a collector at heart and looking around my house I see that I have too much! I find so many beautiful things but ours is a small home. So something has to give and it looks like the treasure hunting will fall by the way side for a bit. I don't feel at all bad about it, and look forward to doing some of the other things I enjoy but often put off.
It's nice to take a break of sorts, although I haven't gone cold turkey. I stopped at a neighbors on Saturday and got these great century old corbels off of a local house for $15, and this great mirror for $1. I have no idea where I'll use them, and this brings me full circle to the problem of sorts...
As I work on finding balance, I hope to spend more time working on a project I have been dreaming of for months. I had the day to myself but found myself painting the dining room instead.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it!

Monday, September 3

I love a long weekend

By the time Labor Day rolls around each year, I'm usually ready for the change... if not of seasons, at least for the change of pace. So Friday as Mr Warren and son hit the road for opening day of Dove Season (can you believe he was raised in southern California?), I hit Home Goods to spruce for Fall. I only changed a few pillows and picked up a new throw, but it's a start. What do you think?

With 100* weather this weekend, it doesn't feel much like Fall. But I love these Fall colors, and the new blingy pillows too!
I spent Saturday hunting yards and estate sales. I picked up an old suitcase that I altered. I had seen this one Mendy made, and thought it was darling. I also saw these darling cases another friend did. Here's my take on it. It was fun, and although simple, I like it. I want to stamp a few words on it, or a phrase... any ideas?

That 100* weather I told you about, brought this on Sunday. Yahoo!! Mr Warren and son replaced the broken AC. Ahhh... cool air... blow my way!

The calender says September, but it sure feels like July again. While I am glad the weathermen are predicting lower temps this week, I am so glad to be in California where temps lingers about 70-80 most of the year. Even if it means having a few little earthquakes like we did this weekend. Like my daughter says... most of them kinda feel like a big truck just drove by.
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