Thursday, September 13

chatty & creative, oh my!

Well I don't know if it's the whole balance thing kicking in or not, but whatever it is, it has kicked in. This is what I spent my day doing...

creating paperdolls for a few girls (10) who are doing a paper doll swap. I hope it's gonna work. It always amazing how seeing things in photos, adds a whole different perspective. For now I see that my dollies pretty pastel faces are really quite subtle. A bit too much so perhaps.
I also started a few things for the Silver Bella vendor night. It'll be here sooner than I know it, and I have a weeks trip to New York I am preparing for before the big bella ball. And then there are the swaps (6 of them) to make swap items for, 4 birthdays this month, and so on, and so on....

here's hoping at least the creative spurt sticks around for a while!
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