Monday, September 10

finding balance

I finally find myself slowing down a bit from all the flea market and estate sale shopping. I am a collector at heart and looking around my house I see that I have too much! I find so many beautiful things but ours is a small home. So something has to give and it looks like the treasure hunting will fall by the way side for a bit. I don't feel at all bad about it, and look forward to doing some of the other things I enjoy but often put off.
It's nice to take a break of sorts, although I haven't gone cold turkey. I stopped at a neighbors on Saturday and got these great century old corbels off of a local house for $15, and this great mirror for $1. I have no idea where I'll use them, and this brings me full circle to the problem of sorts...
As I work on finding balance, I hope to spend more time working on a project I have been dreaming of for months. I had the day to myself but found myself painting the dining room instead.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it!
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