Monday, September 3

I love a long weekend

By the time Labor Day rolls around each year, I'm usually ready for the change... if not of seasons, at least for the change of pace. So Friday as Mr Warren and son hit the road for opening day of Dove Season (can you believe he was raised in southern California?), I hit Home Goods to spruce for Fall. I only changed a few pillows and picked up a new throw, but it's a start. What do you think?

With 100* weather this weekend, it doesn't feel much like Fall. But I love these Fall colors, and the new blingy pillows too!
I spent Saturday hunting yards and estate sales. I picked up an old suitcase that I altered. I had seen this one Mendy made, and thought it was darling. I also saw these darling cases another friend did. Here's my take on it. It was fun, and although simple, I like it. I want to stamp a few words on it, or a phrase... any ideas?

That 100* weather I told you about, brought this on Sunday. Yahoo!! Mr Warren and son replaced the broken AC. Ahhh... cool air... blow my way!

The calender says September, but it sure feels like July again. While I am glad the weathermen are predicting lower temps this week, I am so glad to be in California where temps lingers about 70-80 most of the year. Even if it means having a few little earthquakes like we did this weekend. Like my daughter says... most of them kinda feel like a big truck just drove by.
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