Thursday, September 20

No photo's please

Oh how those words have diminished the photo's in this post! I heard about this in August, and realized it was right in my own backyard. I work part time as a personal assistant in the neighborhood and am at Fashion Island weekly. I was thrilled to find myself there just days after reading Lori's post, and stopped in for a peek at the dresses. Low and behold, the dresses weren't there. They had been held up somewhere along the way, so no dresses for us!

Then this week I read Heidi's blog. I couldn't believe my luck, last time no dresses, now it's over... or so said Rachel's website. Apparently they don't follow schedules very closely, because I found myself back at Fashion Island on Tuesday and there were the dresses! They are beautiful! They hang from the ceiling, hang in front of the windows, stand on old dress makers forms. They are everywhere and they are beautiful. Just beautiful

Well... two photo's is all I got before mall security informed me they have a "No photo's of Storefront's" policy (I cropped the photo's so you can at least pretend we got a really good look). Amazing, who thought of a policy like that? So girls, this is it. The long and the short of the Prom Dress showing. Sigh...
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