Saturday, September 29

WaRninG ~ I'm nothin' but a Big ol' Faker!

Here is a little something I have thought about for over a year!!! Like most of us, I aDoRe Teresa McFayden's creative style. I had seen this last summer, and have thought about it ever since. I bought the glass tile at least 6 months ago, but it wasn't until I got Mendy's paper doll this week that I knew what I'd do with my McFayden {{knock off}}. I won't say I was inspired by Teresa, because I want to call it was it is "a complete immitation" and I hope she isn't mad, sad, or thinkin I'm a BiG ol' FaKe, art copying, creepy~creep for making it, all credit goes to her!! AND as if that isn't enough, I have Miss DarLinG sWeeT Mendy to thank for the star attraction {{the sweet paper doll she sent me in our swap}}. I just love my cute doll, and that I'll be able to spend time with her again each year, as I add her to my now growing HaLLoWeen garb.

OM Gosh, is this like the worst blog post ever?

PS: I'll be posting photo's of all the paper dolls once I get them all!
AND I spoke with Ms McFabulous ands she said heavens no, she didn't mind at all my knock off of her original. So happy for her understanding! Yet another reason to admire one so humble and kind!
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