Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween Guys & Ghouls!


'Twas Halloween night as I leaped from my bed,
With thoughts of amusement going through my head.
Turned off my computer and thought as I may
Of vampires of old and vampires of today.

Of spooky old movies and Halloween parties,
Of course trick or treating (hope they don't hand out Smarties).
And witches and ghosts and gravediggers, I fear,
So that old haunted house, I will never go near.

When you see spooky places, just take my advice,
And don't go in rooms filled with ghosts, bats, and mice.
So don't risk your life going looking for spooks,
Just go to a party with some good friendly kooks.

Or gather your family, carve a pumpkin and think
What to have your kids do, and go pick up a drink.
Tell a joke to your friends, but be careful, you'll see
That a couple wrong moves might mean eternity.

Now put on that costume and dress yourself up.
You can be Ninja Nun or that RCA Pup.
But be very careful or else you might see
That ghosts and vampires aren't really PC.

So now you can think, as you turn out that light
That there's no such thing and that you are all right.
Look under your bed, though, and then you might see...
Nothing! We aren't afraid of ghosts now, are we?

**No this isn't my house. It's one in the neighborhood. Mine is plain jane boring schmoring!

Tuesday, October 30

Science 101

Have you ever found little old hats with flowers that looked like these? To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Well ladies, shop away. Bring those sad little flowered wonders home! I have long heard that they can easily be spruced and fluffed, ready for a new day. This weekend I gave it a try. Here are the results...
before: sad, smooshy, flat, flat flowers
and after. Pretty impressive, huh?!
Just look at what $2.00 worth of flat flowers can look like with a few minutes investments and a pot of boiling water. Easy peasy! Simply boil a sauce pan of water to a lite rolling boil, and hold the wilty dears over the pan to drink in all the steam. I held the flowers over the steam for no more than 4 minutes (I did a touch of hand fluffing after about a minute, then held them back over the steam for about another 2-3 minutes). Don't allow the flowers to become wet with steam, just hold them so the steam gentle rolls through them. Once the flowers set, mine seem to have a starch like product in them, as they have stiffened a bit, and will hold their new shape.

In other news:
Last week I won Sharon's blog giveaway. I got the sweetest frame from her just before we left for New York. I can't decide if I should leave the daring angels in the frame or trade them out for a photo of Hailey. Either way, I just love Sharon's work. She makes wonderful mosaic art, and has a tea pot that is to die for here. Sharon was also recently an artist featured in an article here. Thanks for frame Sharon, I love it!!!

With all this good luck, karma, happiness etc floating around I figure its a good day to find a new hairdresser. I've been nursing bad hair since I broke up with {{the hunky hairdresser}} in the spring. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 26

a New York state of mind

Lots of you have asked what I bought at The Tinsel Trading Co. I didn't buy enough that's for sure! Hardly anything really and I'll tell you why.

I loved, loved, loved the flowers lining the walls and decided thats what I would get. There are literally thousands of flowers of ever size, color and description. Every one I wanted was $25 each. Fine. But I couldn't decide which to get. I mean for me to spend $100 for a few flowers I have to make sure I am getting the right one, right?! I didn't have time to choose. I was like the kid at Disneyland that doesn't know which way to turn first. I had two poor girls pulling boxes down, only to decide I liked another better. It was all to much for me. I needed two men and a boy to haul all the loot I wanted out of there! That and a bankroll of cash! Then I headed to the trims. This is no tiny shoppe, I can't imagine how many trims there must have been. Even more baffled looks from me. So I bought a few embellishments and two books. That's it. Can you believe it?! Oy!

Here look at some pretty pictures, while I shake my head at the whole thing!

Isn't this a crack up?! Click the photo above and you can see the little girls on the ceiling are sticking their tongues out!!
Okay, so one thing I do know a little about was where I wanted to have Sunday Brunch. A good brunch is so much better than dinner out in my opinion! When I was little I use to love Marsha Mason and Richard Dreyfus movies. The last shot of "Only When I Laugh" is the main dinning room (the crystal room) of Tavern on The Green in Central Park. The day I saw that scene I knew that someday I wanted to be someone who ate in such beautiful places. (Having grown up with a single mom there was never enough money for such things as this. I remember ever two weeks when my mom got paid we got to go to dinner. Being the mother she was, she let my sister and I decide where we would eat. We usually choose Bob's Big Boy, and most times I got a hot fudge sundae for dessert.) So brunch at The Tavern was a childhood dream fulfilled. It did not disappoint. The food was wonderful, and just look at the place! It is lit by chandelier!!! And as if that weren't enough, each one is different. We even bought the photo the photog's come take at the tables. How Vegas baby! Are you kidding, I would have bought it if my eyes were closed. Thank goodness the weren't.

Still with me? Okay these next photo's are from a walking Food, History, and Cultural Tour of Greenwich Village. This really was one of my favorite things to do. I highly recommend it to anyone going to the city! I'll do the short version here, and skip the childhood stories too...

fabulous food tasting FoR ThRee HouRs!!
The exterior of the "Friends" building above, John Kennedy Jr.'s childhood school below. The Little Red School house which is still a school. How lucky those posh tots are that get to go here!!
The rest of the pics are sights around the village. All the buildings shown were built before 1851. That's before the civil war, Lincoln was president in 1860's. We learned a ton, and I loved the whole thing.

That concludes my New York tour, hope you like it. Sorry if there was TMI, I'll try and curb that in the future.

Wednesday, October 24

There's no place like home...

Oh what a week it was! New York. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. It was great, but it is good to be home now as well. First off...

The past few days we have been in constant contact with our children here at home, keeping up with the raging fires here in southern California. I must tell you the hospitality in NYC with concern for all of us from California was touching. The news there kept us well informed. Fortunately none in our group of 6 are in directly effected cities but rather we live in the middle of the affected areas. As we flew in late last night, we flew over 3 of the fires; the San Diego fires, the Lake Arrowhead fire, and the fire in Irvine. That is a sight I won't soon forget. My thoughts and prayers go out to our fire fights as well as the effected families with homes in danger.

I will leave you with my favorite photo's from Tinsel Trading Company. The nicest woman met me at the door and showed me around giving me the grand tour, her name is Marcia. It wasn't until the plane ride home, while reading the book I picked up at the store, that I learned Marcia is the shoppe owner. Oy! I'm such a dork. Here is her heavenly store, truly my favorite shoppe in the city...

Sorry for the blurry photo's! I was trembling with excitement just to be there!
I didn't allow for nearly enough time there, as Marcia said when I came in... "I hope you have 4 for 5 hours to spend". I could have stayed there 4 or 5 days and have already decided should my 20 plus year marriage suddenly fail I will be knocking on Marcia's door again, this time asking for a job!!!!

Wednesday, October 17

I'm so excited!!

I just can't hide it.... (insert me dancing around hands waving wildly over my head)

for months a girlfriend and I have been planning a trip to New York for ourselves, our husbands, and 4 couples. This is somewhere I have hoped to go since I was a little girl. In 24 hours I will be on my way! ahhhh...

Never having been there, Robbin and I have been busy making sure we see and do all the things that will make this an awesome trip. Of course we are doing Top of The Rock, The Today show, the Twin Towers memorial, Tiffany's, St Patrick's Cathedral, Time Square, etc... We also found out about some great places from friends who have been and we have lots we planned.

I had thought of asking this little cutie where to go for a sweet treat or two, but with her brother under the weather, I thought it best not to bug. I found an online link to the best New York cupcakes. who'da thought?! That should make for some pretty pictures!

We have dinner reservations at Buddakan in the Meat Packing District (perhaps we will run into SJP filming Sex & The City), Brunch reservations at Tavern on The Green (my fav!!!!! remember Marsha Mason in Only When I Laugh? oh, the last scene of the movie is shot in the dinning room, and it has stayed with me since then), we'll take a carriage ride through the park, have tickets to Spring Awakening Sunday evening, a food tour in Greenwich Village on Monday, Dinner reservations at Peter Luger's, and yet another dinner at La Mela's in Little Italy. Guido, my Italian~wanna~be~mafia husband is so looking forward to that. Maybe we will run into some relatives from the old country. Maybe he'll just pretend to be Tony Supprano.

I'll be home in time to head to Nebraska for Silver Bella. Until then, please think good thoughts, pray, or meditate for our safe travels. I'll be sure and share the fun photo's when we get back. Big Apple here I come!!!

Sunday, October 14

she's a real doll

A few months ago I got an e-mail from Lori over at Vintage Flair asked me if I would like to participate in a paper doll swap with her and Mendy. Of course I was interested! These are two girls who's art I often admire and who's taste suites me to a T. These two gathered a great group of 10 of us to create dolls and send them to each other. I am still waiting for a couple to arrive, but here are the girls I have so far. Let the paper doll party begin...

Hope Wallace (Paper Relics) sent these fabulous little witches to each of us. Mine is waiting to be attached to my Halloween banner I have been plotting and creating in my mind. I'll be sure and show photo's if and when I get it done.
Now you see why I love Lori's (Vintage Flair) style. I think she is so clever to use this vintage woman of style and grace. I find it fun to see everyone's style show through in the dolls they created.
This cutie below is from Melissa Lobdell (Little Melfie). Isn't she the sweetest little one?! I have to do something special with her. I am thinking she may grace the cover of my next journal.
This is Holly Stinnett's (Holly Loves Art) creation. She surely is the "hostess" of this happy bunch, why just look at that smashing party dress she is showing off.
Dawn (Oh So Pretty) made a doll that to me is {{oh so pretty}}. She is so delicate and graceful.
When I got the doll Jessi Nagy (scrappyjessi) I thought she was oh so sweet to make us all our own little princesses!
I love Mendy's (mendytexas) sweet girl so much I decide to add her to my Halloween decor. I added her to a glass tile block I spruced for my mantle.
Although I played with paper dolls as a girl, I must admit I was stumped at making one. Here's what I came up with, (still on my Marie kick). I made each girl with a different skirt and a different piece of jewelry at her waistline.
I am still waiting for two dolls and I'll post them as soon as they arrive. Thanks so much Lori and Mendy for including me in your escapades! It's always such fun to create as well as receive art from such talented, and friendly girls. Thanks to all of you for sending your special dolls my way! You guys are the best, and I can't wait to meet those of you attending Silver Bella in the weeks ahead.

Wednesday, October 10

Twinkle Twinkle

these are a few of my favorite things....

Friday, October 5

show and tell

A few months ago I put out a call for a few girls to join me in my first online round robin circle journal. Bonnie, Lori, Dawn, and Vicki all decided to do this with me. We each started our own books, in the style and with the theme of our choice. Mine of course was Marie Antoinette.

Well today I got my book back completed. I couldn't be happier with the work everyone did and their keeping with my style is fabulous.
I'll let their work speak for itself in the photo's below. Take a look at the wonderful little book I now have thanks to these talented girls...

Happily I have already started my second round robin with a new group of girls and I have to say I love working with others in this way. I like the idea of having someone else's art in a book I can return to for inspiration and thought. If you've ever thought of doing work like this I encourage you to reach out to others as ask.

Thank you so much Bonnie, Lori, Dawn, and Vicki for sharing your time, talent and art with me in this very special way!
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