Friday, October 26

a New York state of mind

Lots of you have asked what I bought at The Tinsel Trading Co. I didn't buy enough that's for sure! Hardly anything really and I'll tell you why.

I loved, loved, loved the flowers lining the walls and decided thats what I would get. There are literally thousands of flowers of ever size, color and description. Every one I wanted was $25 each. Fine. But I couldn't decide which to get. I mean for me to spend $100 for a few flowers I have to make sure I am getting the right one, right?! I didn't have time to choose. I was like the kid at Disneyland that doesn't know which way to turn first. I had two poor girls pulling boxes down, only to decide I liked another better. It was all to much for me. I needed two men and a boy to haul all the loot I wanted out of there! That and a bankroll of cash! Then I headed to the trims. This is no tiny shoppe, I can't imagine how many trims there must have been. Even more baffled looks from me. So I bought a few embellishments and two books. That's it. Can you believe it?! Oy!

Here look at some pretty pictures, while I shake my head at the whole thing!

Isn't this a crack up?! Click the photo above and you can see the little girls on the ceiling are sticking their tongues out!!
Okay, so one thing I do know a little about was where I wanted to have Sunday Brunch. A good brunch is so much better than dinner out in my opinion! When I was little I use to love Marsha Mason and Richard Dreyfus movies. The last shot of "Only When I Laugh" is the main dinning room (the crystal room) of Tavern on The Green in Central Park. The day I saw that scene I knew that someday I wanted to be someone who ate in such beautiful places. (Having grown up with a single mom there was never enough money for such things as this. I remember ever two weeks when my mom got paid we got to go to dinner. Being the mother she was, she let my sister and I decide where we would eat. We usually choose Bob's Big Boy, and most times I got a hot fudge sundae for dessert.) So brunch at The Tavern was a childhood dream fulfilled. It did not disappoint. The food was wonderful, and just look at the place! It is lit by chandelier!!! And as if that weren't enough, each one is different. We even bought the photo the photog's come take at the tables. How Vegas baby! Are you kidding, I would have bought it if my eyes were closed. Thank goodness the weren't.

Still with me? Okay these next photo's are from a walking Food, History, and Cultural Tour of Greenwich Village. This really was one of my favorite things to do. I highly recommend it to anyone going to the city! I'll do the short version here, and skip the childhood stories too...

fabulous food tasting FoR ThRee HouRs!!
The exterior of the "Friends" building above, John Kennedy Jr.'s childhood school below. The Little Red School house which is still a school. How lucky those posh tots are that get to go here!!
The rest of the pics are sights around the village. All the buildings shown were built before 1851. That's before the civil war, Lincoln was president in 1860's. We learned a ton, and I loved the whole thing.

That concludes my New York tour, hope you like it. Sorry if there was TMI, I'll try and curb that in the future.
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