Tuesday, October 30

Science 101

Have you ever found little old hats with flowers that looked like these? To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Well ladies, shop away. Bring those sad little flowered wonders home! I have long heard that they can easily be spruced and fluffed, ready for a new day. This weekend I gave it a try. Here are the results...
before: sad, smooshy, flat, flat flowers
and after. Pretty impressive, huh?!
Just look at what $2.00 worth of flat flowers can look like with a few minutes investments and a pot of boiling water. Easy peasy! Simply boil a sauce pan of water to a lite rolling boil, and hold the wilty dears over the pan to drink in all the steam. I held the flowers over the steam for no more than 4 minutes (I did a touch of hand fluffing after about a minute, then held them back over the steam for about another 2-3 minutes). Don't allow the flowers to become wet with steam, just hold them so the steam gentle rolls through them. Once the flowers set, mine seem to have a starch like product in them, as they have stiffened a bit, and will hold their new shape.

In other news:
Last week I won Sharon's blog giveaway. I got the sweetest frame from her just before we left for New York. I can't decide if I should leave the daring angels in the frame or trade them out for a photo of Hailey. Either way, I just love Sharon's work. She makes wonderful mosaic art, and has a tea pot that is to die for here. Sharon was also recently an artist featured in an article here. Thanks for frame Sharon, I love it!!!

With all this good luck, karma, happiness etc floating around I figure its a good day to find a new hairdresser. I've been nursing bad hair since I broke up with {{the hunky hairdresser}} in the spring. Wish me luck!
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