Friday, October 5

show and tell

A few months ago I put out a call for a few girls to join me in my first online round robin circle journal. Bonnie, Lori, Dawn, and Vicki all decided to do this with me. We each started our own books, in the style and with the theme of our choice. Mine of course was Marie Antoinette.

Well today I got my book back completed. I couldn't be happier with the work everyone did and their keeping with my style is fabulous.
I'll let their work speak for itself in the photo's below. Take a look at the wonderful little book I now have thanks to these talented girls...

Happily I have already started my second round robin with a new group of girls and I have to say I love working with others in this way. I like the idea of having someone else's art in a book I can return to for inspiration and thought. If you've ever thought of doing work like this I encourage you to reach out to others as ask.

Thank you so much Bonnie, Lori, Dawn, and Vicki for sharing your time, talent and art with me in this very special way!
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