Sunday, November 25

a weekend at the cabin

bright sunny mornings
cool crisp air
walks through the pine trees with friends

laughter and tears
with those we hold dear

a cup of cheer
breaking into song
watching blue jays take our peanuts from the deck

moon shadows
and moon lit water
stars shinning brightly down on us

these are the things I'd forgotten about as I moved to the city long ago.
this is what I forgot I needed
and missed
and longed for.

Tuesday, November 20

HaPpY ThAnkSgiVinG!

Wishing you a holiday filled with family and friends, laughter and good times spent with those you love!

GoBbLe, gObBle, GoBbLe!!

Friday, November 16

hot off the heals...

of Silver Bella, I am moving onto new ventures... Art & Soul, here I come (you'll hear more about that soon).

This will be my last Silver Bella post. I too along with those who perhaps didn't go, have grown tired of the subject. It's funny how quickly something once done looses it's sparkle for me. I tend to throw myself head first into most things I do. The anticipation is huge for me, and I literally dream of those new adventures I look forward to. I have tons of energy and don't tend to do things I am not passionate about. After all there are only so many hours in a day. Why spend time doing the mundane when there is a wide world out there just waiting to be explored?! Maybe what I really feel... is "It's been done". Silver Bella is something I wanted to do last year but didn't. Ever since it's been at the top of my {{to do list}}. While I completely enjoyed Silver Bella, it's been on my mind and in the forefront of my focus for well over a year. I am ready to move on and up the creative ladder. So goodbye SB, you have made me a happy girl, and served me well. I am happy to count you among my friends. You are a friend I hope to revisit every year, and catch up with when your season rolls around. Be well dear friend, be well.

Until then, here are the last of the Silver Bella photo's. These are our class projects...
This is Teresa McFayden's Bella Bracelet project
Aaron & Jenny's Let Them Eat Cake
Rebecca Sower's Christmas Vignettes
Pam Garrison's Shabby Bella Banner
Kim Kwann's Wish journal

Monday, November 12

The party's over....

But what a party it was!!! Teresa really knows how to throw a Bella Bash! There is so much to share. While the teachers are who drew me to wanting to go to Silver Bella in the first place, the social side and getting to laugh and play with everyone is something I completely enjoy, so that's where I'll start. Laughter, fun, meeting friends only known online at long last was so much fun. Here are a few photo's from vendor night and the a few of the many girls I meet...
How cute is this little Bella in training?! She is Meleen's daughter Caroline aka: petite Bella.
Hope of Paper Relics is just as sweet as she can be. I hope Miss Vicki and I (and our mimosa's) weren't too bad an influence on her! {[wink}}
It was so nice to meet Beth Quinn and see the art of herself and her very talented aunt.
The Prima Bella herself Mrs McFayden, Missy (Jenny Heid's sister) and her sweet, little Jack.
Vicki and Leslie before Vicki shanghaied
Leslie's Junk Gypsy jewels. Leslie is an amazing artist, as is her friend Lee (where are you girl)?!
Best dressed Bellas, Vicki and Jennifer.
I was so lucky to have Iva Wilcox as one of my swap partners. I just love her creative style and am now the proud owner of a few of her creations thanks to the swap gods. You can see more of her work here.
Cutie patutie Danielle, so glad to have meet her!
The beautiful Miss Susanne Duda, our little Georgia peach!!
I wish I had been able to get to spend more time getting to know Jessi Nagi. I guess that gives me a reason to try and get into SB next year!
Karla Nathan and Beth Leintz. In 4 days I never saw Karla without her friendly, happy smile! Such nice women.
Here are Pam Garrison, Jenny Heid, and Missy. What can I say about these talented girls? Their art speaks for itself, and they like everyone else were so willing to share their work and how they create it.

These are just a few of the photo's I took on Vendor Night. I had a great time with everyone. After all that's what I went there for! I wish I had be better about being able to place faces and names with everyone's blogs. All weekend I thought we should have worn our blog banners in place of name tags. I certainly would have had a better chance at knowing who was who. If I offended anyone for not knowing who you were I am so sorry, it wasn't on purpose!

I'll post photo's of my class projects as soon as they are finished. And later this week I'll show you all the great stuff I can home with. For now I'm gonna make some breakfast, fill my tummy, and go back to bed... I so sleepy!!

Wednesday, November 7

PruDenCe on~ThE~gO!

is outta here!

Can't wait to have fun with all the happy girls making there way to Omaha in the next 24 hours! Safe travels!! I will share the photo's once I get back.

Monday, November 5

Thank you Lisa!

I have to show you the huge package Lisa sent me last week. I won the giveaway on her blog A Thing for Roses. She generously packed a huge hat box (ooh, I love a hat box!) full of vintage calling cards, gift cards, flowers, ribbons, trims and more. She also added a big old floral fabric, more paper flowers, a small tole tray, crocheted rounds, a rose tea cup, handmade tags, and still more. Lisa you blow me away with your generous package! It was completely unexpected, and I love and am already using all this great stuff. Take a peek for yourself...

Thanks again Lisa! The wallpapers alone are worth a fortune and will go into my beloved stash. I can't get enough of these great old papers.

I am still working away getting ready for Silver Bella. I am busy preparing swap packages, vendor goods, and gathering my creative supplies for the weekend. This is something I have looked forward to since last years Silver Bella event. I can't quite believe it's here and in typical fashion I will no doubt work on this until I leave this week. I so look forward to finally meeting everyone in person. The build up for this McFabulous event feels alot like the anticipation of Christmas morning. Here is a sneak at some of the swappy goodness I am taking with me...

Thursday, November 1

it's almost time...

the days are getting few, as the time for Silver Bella draws near. I am embarrassed to say I still have much to do. But I am a happy bella getting ready for the festivities. All the girls going voted on what to wear during Vendor Night. I guess last year they had a pajama party of sorts. Talk started of doing the same thing this year, until one special bella (aka: my partner in crime) suggested a gypsy junk style bash instead. The polls have closed and the votes are in...

and now I am getting my gypsy wear in order.
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