Friday, November 16

hot off the heals...

of Silver Bella, I am moving onto new ventures... Art & Soul, here I come (you'll hear more about that soon).

This will be my last Silver Bella post. I too along with those who perhaps didn't go, have grown tired of the subject. It's funny how quickly something once done looses it's sparkle for me. I tend to throw myself head first into most things I do. The anticipation is huge for me, and I literally dream of those new adventures I look forward to. I have tons of energy and don't tend to do things I am not passionate about. After all there are only so many hours in a day. Why spend time doing the mundane when there is a wide world out there just waiting to be explored?! Maybe what I really feel... is "It's been done". Silver Bella is something I wanted to do last year but didn't. Ever since it's been at the top of my {{to do list}}. While I completely enjoyed Silver Bella, it's been on my mind and in the forefront of my focus for well over a year. I am ready to move on and up the creative ladder. So goodbye SB, you have made me a happy girl, and served me well. I am happy to count you among my friends. You are a friend I hope to revisit every year, and catch up with when your season rolls around. Be well dear friend, be well.

Until then, here are the last of the Silver Bella photo's. These are our class projects...
This is Teresa McFayden's Bella Bracelet project
Aaron & Jenny's Let Them Eat Cake
Rebecca Sower's Christmas Vignettes
Pam Garrison's Shabby Bella Banner
Kim Kwann's Wish journal

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