Monday, November 12

The party's over....

But what a party it was!!! Teresa really knows how to throw a Bella Bash! There is so much to share. While the teachers are who drew me to wanting to go to Silver Bella in the first place, the social side and getting to laugh and play with everyone is something I completely enjoy, so that's where I'll start. Laughter, fun, meeting friends only known online at long last was so much fun. Here are a few photo's from vendor night and the a few of the many girls I meet...
How cute is this little Bella in training?! She is Meleen's daughter Caroline aka: petite Bella.
Hope of Paper Relics is just as sweet as she can be. I hope Miss Vicki and I (and our mimosa's) weren't too bad an influence on her! {[wink}}
It was so nice to meet Beth Quinn and see the art of herself and her very talented aunt.
The Prima Bella herself Mrs McFayden, Missy (Jenny Heid's sister) and her sweet, little Jack.
Vicki and Leslie before Vicki shanghaied
Leslie's Junk Gypsy jewels. Leslie is an amazing artist, as is her friend Lee (where are you girl)?!
Best dressed Bellas, Vicki and Jennifer.
I was so lucky to have Iva Wilcox as one of my swap partners. I just love her creative style and am now the proud owner of a few of her creations thanks to the swap gods. You can see more of her work here.
Cutie patutie Danielle, so glad to have meet her!
The beautiful Miss Susanne Duda, our little Georgia peach!!
I wish I had been able to get to spend more time getting to know Jessi Nagi. I guess that gives me a reason to try and get into SB next year!
Karla Nathan and Beth Leintz. In 4 days I never saw Karla without her friendly, happy smile! Such nice women.
Here are Pam Garrison, Jenny Heid, and Missy. What can I say about these talented girls? Their art speaks for itself, and they like everyone else were so willing to share their work and how they create it.

These are just a few of the photo's I took on Vendor Night. I had a great time with everyone. After all that's what I went there for! I wish I had be better about being able to place faces and names with everyone's blogs. All weekend I thought we should have worn our blog banners in place of name tags. I certainly would have had a better chance at knowing who was who. If I offended anyone for not knowing who you were I am so sorry, it wasn't on purpose!

I'll post photo's of my class projects as soon as they are finished. And later this week I'll show you all the great stuff I can home with. For now I'm gonna make some breakfast, fill my tummy, and go back to bed... I so sleepy!!
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