Sunday, December 16

Christmas Spectacular

On Friday the couple I work for gave me tickets to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes! He had been sick all week and didn't want to go, so Mr Warren and I saw one amazing show thanks to KB. I had tried to get tickets for our family months ago when I heard The Rockettes were coming to Orange County. I wasn't able to get them and this was a great surprise. We had seats in the 2nd row!!! I didn't bring my camera and probably wouldn't have taken pictures anyways, as we sat with 5 other members of KB's family (yes I care what some people think!). But I wouldn't have taken photo's anyways, although sitting there I sure thought about it. Here are some photo's I highjacked from the net...

The show was a series of vignettes including scenes from The Nutcracker, duets with Santa and Mrs Claus, and of course the world famous Rockettes. The costumes are elaborate (it doesn't show in these photo's but when I steal them I guess I can't complain can I), and at one point Mr Warren said, "Wow, talk about bling!" The living Nativity was the last scene, and was completely unexpected. 
I love that KB shared this special treat with myself as well as my husband. We sat with his parents, and his handsome hunky brother, s-i-l, and niece. They made us feel completely welcome and a huge "holla" to them for their hospitality as well.
Here's hoping that generosity of the season finds it's way to you and yours!
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