Thursday, December 20

A very special gift...

There aren't many things I covet, but the one thing I do belongs to my mother-in-law. It is a beautifully lit Christmas Tree made from her mothers vintage costume jewelry. She has had it many years and hangs it every Christmas. I have always loved this tree and know it will go to one of our daughters in the future. Until then... oh how I love this tree and dream of it waving bye~bye to my mil, as it comes home with me. Flash back to this past summer when we were at a dear family friends house, and I learned that it was this friend who actually made the tree for my mother-in-law. Now for the good part! She tells me she would love to make one for me!!!! Mr Warren picked it up last week from her, and it is already "a favorite!" I just love this tree as it welcomes me home hanging in our entry.

I am not sure if you can tell but this is quite large and is double layered with lots of darling bells, Santa's, a dog angel, and many vintage pieces from our friends own collection. If you click on each picture you may be able to see up close some of the actual pieces of jewelry in this.
Hope your days are merry and bright!
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