Sunday, December 30

goodbye old friend...

I can't help but feel melancholy as the calendar turns to another year. Out with the old, in with the new they say... but I like the old. I am comfortable here. I like where I have been, and what I have learned this year. It was good, it was real, it's a part of me. It brought friendship, and laughter, and love. It gave me knew experiences, and creativity shared. It brought laughter through tears, and tears of sadness, but it also brought a new baby our way. A new little life to cherish, and teach, and love, and enjoy. I am often left wondering why the feeling that my memories are fleeting lingers about me. Time goes bye marching right past me like a parade down the middle of main street. And it takes my breathe away...

I am turning on James Taylor, Carly Simon, and Carole King. Sing me in and out of these blues. Sing loudly to me, and I will dance through the halls, and into the kitchen. Maybe I'll dance with Harley boy... only he isn't dancing, silly dog. He just wants a bone.

So come on 2008. Give me what you've got. Take me on your ride, and show me what's in store. Let this be another great year, just as all the years before.

Sunday, December 23

for your Christmas pleasure...

"Push Play"
From our crazy bunch to yours, here's hoping this holiday season finds you happy, healthy, and decking the halls with festive family and friends!
PS: thanks for the link Teresa!

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Friday, December 21

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Yep, 3 days til Christmas and I spent my day at one of my favorite places, Salt Water Designs in Fullerton. This little gem of a store also houses great women who are very helpful and generous with their knowledge.  They don't have a website, but Nancy has a little online shoppe here.
The place is full of gifts, antiques, and lots of vintage finds for creating treasures of your own. Like a mini version of this east coast wonder.

With my Christmas decorating done and the gifts purchased, why not spend a day taking in a cup of cheer with friends? If your in the neighborhood stop by, I hear word Georgia has already discounted the Christmas goods. Gotta love a Christmas sale, before Christmas is even here!
All this holiday cheer and Christmas spirit will be over before we know it. I hope you're able to take time out and enjoy it too.

Thursday, December 20

A very special gift...

There aren't many things I covet, but the one thing I do belongs to my mother-in-law. It is a beautifully lit Christmas Tree made from her mothers vintage costume jewelry. She has had it many years and hangs it every Christmas. I have always loved this tree and know it will go to one of our daughters in the future. Until then... oh how I love this tree and dream of it waving bye~bye to my mil, as it comes home with me. Flash back to this past summer when we were at a dear family friends house, and I learned that it was this friend who actually made the tree for my mother-in-law. Now for the good part! She tells me she would love to make one for me!!!! Mr Warren picked it up last week from her, and it is already "a favorite!" I just love this tree as it welcomes me home hanging in our entry.

I am not sure if you can tell but this is quite large and is double layered with lots of darling bells, Santa's, a dog angel, and many vintage pieces from our friends own collection. If you click on each picture you may be able to see up close some of the actual pieces of jewelry in this.
Hope your days are merry and bright!

Sunday, December 16

Christmas Spectacular

On Friday the couple I work for gave me tickets to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring The Rockettes! He had been sick all week and didn't want to go, so Mr Warren and I saw one amazing show thanks to KB. I had tried to get tickets for our family months ago when I heard The Rockettes were coming to Orange County. I wasn't able to get them and this was a great surprise. We had seats in the 2nd row!!! I didn't bring my camera and probably wouldn't have taken pictures anyways, as we sat with 5 other members of KB's family (yes I care what some people think!). But I wouldn't have taken photo's anyways, although sitting there I sure thought about it. Here are some photo's I highjacked from the net...

The show was a series of vignettes including scenes from The Nutcracker, duets with Santa and Mrs Claus, and of course the world famous Rockettes. The costumes are elaborate (it doesn't show in these photo's but when I steal them I guess I can't complain can I), and at one point Mr Warren said, "Wow, talk about bling!" The living Nativity was the last scene, and was completely unexpected. 
I love that KB shared this special treat with myself as well as my husband. We sat with his parents, and his handsome hunky brother, s-i-l, and niece. They made us feel completely welcome and a huge "holla" to them for their hospitality as well.
Here's hoping that generosity of the season finds it's way to you and yours!

Sunday, December 9

Christmas Traditions...

Jill at Follow Your Bliss is hosting a Christmas Traditions event on her blog. She asked if we would share the traditions we hold near and dear. After much thought, I realized that I don't have many traditions. Oh sure, I have a few... white lights on the Christmas tree because a dear family friend who I adored as a child (and still do) had them on her tree, opening one Christmas present on Christmas eve as I did as a child, did with my children, and now do with my grandchildren. There are actually a few, but the thing that most gives me that ol' Christmas feeling are the memories I have of Christmas' past...
Most of my childhood Christmas' were spent at my Grandparents house. They lived a few hours outside of the city. Each year as Christmas neared my Mother packed the car, two small girls, a few gifts, and out to the country we drove. Their house was  a home Grandad built and raised his children in, including my own Dad. It wasn't large, or filled with lavish, expensive gifts. Theirs was a warm home, filled with laughter, and love, and the two people I cherished most in the world. Grandma made the curtains, as well as the quilts on snug beds, Grandad made much of the furniture though you'd never know to look at it. She cooked, taught my sister every card game she knew, and told stories of days gone by growing up in Kansas one of 11 children. He spent his days outdoors gardening, caring for the small livestock they raised, and regularly watched The Lawrence Welk Show. I followed them both closely soaking in all I could. I stirred pots for Grandma, and floated stick people down the irrigation ditch as I followed Grandad outside. We learned to drive tractors, rode the neighbors horses, played cards, and performed singing and dancing acts to entertain these two people we so loved. I always considered their house "home". It wasn't only that small house that welcomed me with open arms, but my two favorite people who lived there. Much of who I am today I learned through watching them. 
They have both been gone many years now; Grandad 22 years and Grandma 1o. I'm so glad my children knew Christmas' with them as well, and my Grandmother shared secret words of wisdom with my husband. They really aren't so far away, as e.e. cummings so perfectly penned, I carry their hearts in mine.  I guess the tradition I hope to carry on is to give my Grandchildren the gifts my Grandparents gave me. I think it's the greatest gift of all, and certainly the one's I cherish the most this time of year.
Merry Christmas Grandma & Grandad. Merry Christmas everyone.

Saturday, December 8

A few kits left

A while back I put together a pastel~filled Marie Antoinette book kit. They flew out the door, but I finally gathered the goods and have a few available. These are made using an altered book, and are packed with lots of ephemera, and fun vintage finds; 50's French book pages, 1030's French dictionary pages, old bits of vintage rhinestone jewelry, lots and lots of vintage wallpaper, fabric, trim, buttons, Marie Antoinette images, and so much more. Here's a peek at just a couple of the 15 or so pages I did. You'll get enough to complete at least 10 pages. E-mail me at if you're interested.

Wednesday, December 5

enjoying a slower pace this year

I love everything I've been reading about not wanting to over~do Christmas this year. I have long agreed, yet seem to fall into the trappings of the season year after year. I am glad to say, so far so good this year. No over spending, no charging on credit cards, and no over~shopping in sight! 
Like everyone else, I want to spend my time enjoying the holidays with family and friends. For me this includes lunching with girlfriends, baking cookies with Ethyn, Christmas plays at school, and hopefully a Christmas parade or two. 
I completely enjoyed decorating the tree with the ornaments all the Silver Bella's made and swapped in Omaha last month. Here's a peek at a few (I wish I had photo's of them all, but after trying 3 times I have given up for today).

On Sunday I took a class at Salt Water Designs in Fullerton. This is a gem of a home/gift shoppe and if you're in the area you must stop in. Sande was teaching a class making collaged journals. I love her technique (easy~peasy) and I love the look. I will be sure to make more these.

Sunday, December 2

Christmas is coming...

The decorating has begun around our humble home. Monday I was happy to stay in my jammies all day and spruce for the season. It's such a comfort to pull out family favorites year after year and revisit the treasures from Christmas' past. But this year as I went through the decorations I noticed a change in what I like and want to have around. While I love tradition, and will keep the things our family cherishes, I also have things I haven't put out in years. I loaded the car, and took 3 bags of Christmas goods to the donation center. Here's a peek at some of what stayed, and was put around the family room...

We still have to get the tree. But I did get Ethyn's little artificial tree up and decorated with all the ornaments from the Silver Bella Ornament Swaps I participated in. It is quite the shabby, pink and blue tree but I just love it. I'll try and snap a few photos to show this week.

For now... I have a date with two kitties for a little cat nap. Hope you're all enjoying all the comforts of the season.

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