Thursday, January 31

Etsy love...

I love Etsy, and know many of you do as well. Whoever thought of this, did a great job at the way the whole thing works! Last week I was sent a "conversation" from the nicest little ol' gal from Oregon, her name is Tammy. She asked about one of my past kits that had sold out. She wanted one in the worst way, and asked if I possibly had "just one more". Well flattery will get you everywhere with me, and I was tickled pink to hear her enthusiasm for the kit. I agreed to put one together for her. I suggested a trade when I noticed she too has an Etsy shoppe. I cannot tell you how quickly I fell for her one of a kind vintage jewelry! Until a few months ago, I hated jewelry. I'm talking hate here people. I wouldn't look at the stuff if you paid me. I know, crazy huh? Well, I have since come to my senses and I hit the jackpot in finding Tammy's Etsy site. Or rather I am thrilled she found mine, and convoed me. Just look at what I found on my doorstep from her yesterday...
I love her packaging and may have to ask permission to use it in the future. It is lovely in itself and I will not be letting go of it anytime soon.
My (her) bracelet entitled "Charmed, I'm Sure" even came with a tag noting what it is made with. How clever!
Isn't it lovely even with my robe as an accessory? So, Miss Tammy, this shout out is to you! If you are half as happy with our swap as I am then I can't ask for more. I love the bracelet, and will definitely be back to your Etsy shoppe as a paying customer in the future.

Her presentation can't be beat. Tammy's attention to detail is exquisite really. I know I gush, but honestly the girl has a ton of talent. Makes me realize I have a lot of growing to do in many areas! 

Wednesday, January 30

Show & Tell

Last year I met a wonderfully creative girl from Africa. Her name is Bonnie and you can visit her blog here. I found her blog as I do many others, linking from one site to another. Bonnie was hosting a swap at the time and so began our friendship. She and a few others talented girls host another site Snap and Scrap, where they post tutorials, interviews and other creative inspiration. Bonnie asked me to do a tutorial and I agreed. If you visit their site you can see how I created the Valentine's Banners I shared here. Go take a peek and make one for your sweetheart. 

Monday, January 28

Caution {{Swap Spoiler}}

Heidi and Maria, count yourselves forewarned... 
I am posting swap spoilers for a couple of swaps I'm in... Kari's For the Love of Supplies Swap and Maria's  Sweetheart Box Swap.  

This weekend I put together two heart shaped candy boxes that will house all the trims, treasures, and trinkets these can hold. I am thinking in pale shades of pink and blue, flowers, lace, ribbon, and buttons, old wallpaper, and little surprises. I hope they like them of course, and I hope to get them sent off today. 
Our typical sunny southern California weather has been absent for the past few weeks, and I have to say I love holing up in my scrappy room playing with paint and paper. The sound of the rain rolling off the roof and my 70's music playing in the background, create the perfect atmosphere for art. I am in the middle of creating a class sample for a class I am teaching at Gilding the Lily in March. I'll share as soon as it's done.
Hope everyone is keeping warm and dry.  {{night fever, night fever, we know how to show it...}} lovin' those Bee Gee's... sing to me Barry!

Thursday, January 24


Thank you guys for all your kind words on the banners. I had so many e-mails about them that I made a few more. I am listing them today, one says "Be Mine" and the other "Kiss Me". You can see them here if you like. Thanks again for your support. You guys are the best evah!! I predict lots of love comin' back atcha...

Tuesday, January 22

Love Is in the Air

My creative muse came out to play yesterday and I made a Valentine's Day banner of love. I had the idea for this and started gathering the pieces...

trims, tickets, toole, and paint...
wallpaper, velvet ribbon, and pearls...
old book paper, feathers, and vintage rhinestone jewelry, oh my!

and the glittery goodness of German glass glitter!

You didn't think I couldn't make something without my beloved Marie Antoinette included did you?! Of course I could never leave her out. I had so much fun I made two, one for me and an orphan who has already found a good home. Thanks Alice!

Saturday, January 19

This is LA... all I wanna do is have some fun...

On Friday my girlfriend Robbin and I had a play date planned in LA. I don't know why it always takes planning for me, but it does. She and I have been friends for many years and have traveled across the country and back, but laughed that we haven't ever done LA. So we were off..

First we headed here hoping to check this out in person. I have long wanted to go and was glad to finally see it in person. But the store was closed, and doesn't look like anyone has been there for a while. I called to be sure we were at the right place, because you would never picture it in the middle of the city where it is. No luck, no answer. Hopefully nothing has happened and we can come another time. Next we headed down Melrose into LA. We called and found out we could get in The Ivy for lunch. You guys know this place right? White picket fence, paparazzi frenzy, diner to the celebs. It was so much fun, and the perfect place to go with Robbin and as she is a bit starstruck. We got there and were seated at a corner table on the patio. We had a perfect view of the Bentley's, Roll's, and Limo's pulling up in front, as well as the entire patio. The waiter was friendly and gave Robbin the celebrity scoop which is right up her alley. I'm telling you if Britney and her paparazzo boyfriend had come in we would have seen the whole thing. We people watched, ate, drank, and chatted for the next hour and a half. The food was surprisingly good, and the service is friendly and unintrusive. I am not sure I would go back but its fun to do once. And just as you'd imagine the photogs were planted across the street the whole time.
We window shopped on Robertson Blvd, drove through the Hollywood Hills, and saw some amazing homes. I love the Hollywood sign and wanted to try and make my way up there. You can't actually get up to it, but you can get pretty close. Talk about can't see the forest for the trees, you can't tell where you are when you're up there but we laughed and had a good time anyways. 
Our final destination was Sweet Lady Jane. It's the best bakery and a cute little place to have a small lunch. We however were here for treats, and treats we had... so good!! I should have taken more photo's but I was the driver and it's hard to do both in this fast moving city. Here however is a photo of our bill at Sweet Lady Jane's just because I cracked up that two petite girls (kidding!) such as ourselves spent as much on dessert as we had on lunch! Believe me it was worth every penny and it isn't pricey, this is the bill for 6 desserts and 2 coffee's. We've got our priorities straight; share lunch, get 3 desserts each afterwards! 
We had a great day and our southern California weather didn't fail us. I hope to take advantage of our fun city again before too long. Thanks for a fun day Robbin, I'm up for it anytime you are. Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, January 15

Gilding the Lily...

December found me spending Fridays sitting at the table of a new friend who feels like someone I have known for years. It doesn't hurt that she deals in all treasures I hold near and dear to my trinket, treasure, bits, and pieces loving heart. 

For the past few years Gilding the Lily and Salt Water Designs shared a store front in downtown Fullerton. Well I am thrilled that they have separate and there are now two great stores in the area to visit. Nancy took Gilding the Lily 1 block North and is in the process of setting up her fabulous shoppe.
I stopped by today and fell in love with these old 1920's German Valentines. They fill two cabinets and are beautiful! The detail is amazing and they are in all in perfect condition. Oh, I hope to add a few of these to my tiny Valentine's display! Maybe Mr Warren will read this and {{wink}} bring one or two home to woe me with :-)

And look at these exquisite metal mesh flowers? 
My field trip has me completely inspired. Between Nancy and her generosity (and a quick stop by the thrift store) I came home with a fun little basket of goodness.
Gilding the Lily
305 N. Harbor Blvd., Ste 101
Fullerton, Ca
Hours: M-Sat  11-6

Monday, January 7


I thought this place could use a change of scenery. You can check out these Flickr favs here...
In other news... 
I have been busying myself with organization the past few weeks. I happened onto a feng shui link and fell in head first. Pretty interesting, and quite a bit to learn in achieving balance and harmony in my humble home. I am too afraid to even look up the influence my scrappy room has over the house. The first step is to {{clear the clutter}}, and "it is not a step to be overlooked". So that is where I have been, clearing the schtuff... from under beds, and out of closets. This is not an easy task for one who loves the flea market like I do (the look from one bella is etched in my memory as she confirmed and slightly sneared at my telling her I go the the flea market almost every weekend). It my thing, it's what I do, I am a lover of  all the goodness they hold. Although the cold weather and the holidays have kept me away the past two months at least! 
I have also been creating away finishing up a few things that I'll share soonly. Ok back to work, thanks for checking in. Send me luck, and yoga breaths won't you!   :-)
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