Thursday, January 31

Etsy love...

I love Etsy, and know many of you do as well. Whoever thought of this, did a great job at the way the whole thing works! Last week I was sent a "conversation" from the nicest little ol' gal from Oregon, her name is Tammy. She asked about one of my past kits that had sold out. She wanted one in the worst way, and asked if I possibly had "just one more". Well flattery will get you everywhere with me, and I was tickled pink to hear her enthusiasm for the kit. I agreed to put one together for her. I suggested a trade when I noticed she too has an Etsy shoppe. I cannot tell you how quickly I fell for her one of a kind vintage jewelry! Until a few months ago, I hated jewelry. I'm talking hate here people. I wouldn't look at the stuff if you paid me. I know, crazy huh? Well, I have since come to my senses and I hit the jackpot in finding Tammy's Etsy site. Or rather I am thrilled she found mine, and convoed me. Just look at what I found on my doorstep from her yesterday...
I love her packaging and may have to ask permission to use it in the future. It is lovely in itself and I will not be letting go of it anytime soon.
My (her) bracelet entitled "Charmed, I'm Sure" even came with a tag noting what it is made with. How clever!
Isn't it lovely even with my robe as an accessory? So, Miss Tammy, this shout out is to you! If you are half as happy with our swap as I am then I can't ask for more. I love the bracelet, and will definitely be back to your Etsy shoppe as a paying customer in the future.

Her presentation can't be beat. Tammy's attention to detail is exquisite really. I know I gush, but honestly the girl has a ton of talent. Makes me realize I have a lot of growing to do in many areas! 
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