Tuesday, January 15

Gilding the Lily...

December found me spending Fridays sitting at the table of a new friend who feels like someone I have known for years. It doesn't hurt that she deals in all treasures I hold near and dear to my trinket, treasure, bits, and pieces loving heart. 

For the past few years Gilding the Lily and Salt Water Designs shared a store front in downtown Fullerton. Well I am thrilled that they have separate and there are now two great stores in the area to visit. Nancy took Gilding the Lily 1 block North and is in the process of setting up her fabulous shoppe.
I stopped by today and fell in love with these old 1920's German Valentines. They fill two cabinets and are beautiful! The detail is amazing and they are in all in perfect condition. Oh, I hope to add a few of these to my tiny Valentine's display! Maybe Mr Warren will read this and {{wink}} bring one or two home to woe me with :-)

And look at these exquisite metal mesh flowers? 
My field trip has me completely inspired. Between Nancy and her generosity (and a quick stop by the thrift store) I came home with a fun little basket of goodness.
Gilding the Lily
305 N. Harbor Blvd., Ste 101
Fullerton, Ca
Hours: M-Sat  11-6
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