Monday, January 7


I thought this place could use a change of scenery. You can check out these Flickr favs here...
In other news... 
I have been busying myself with organization the past few weeks. I happened onto a feng shui link and fell in head first. Pretty interesting, and quite a bit to learn in achieving balance and harmony in my humble home. I am too afraid to even look up the influence my scrappy room has over the house. The first step is to {{clear the clutter}}, and "it is not a step to be overlooked". So that is where I have been, clearing the schtuff... from under beds, and out of closets. This is not an easy task for one who loves the flea market like I do (the look from one bella is etched in my memory as she confirmed and slightly sneared at my telling her I go the the flea market almost every weekend). It my thing, it's what I do, I am a lover of  all the goodness they hold. Although the cold weather and the holidays have kept me away the past two months at least! 
I have also been creating away finishing up a few things that I'll share soonly. Ok back to work, thanks for checking in. Send me luck, and yoga breaths won't you!   :-)
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