Saturday, January 19

This is LA... all I wanna do is have some fun...

On Friday my girlfriend Robbin and I had a play date planned in LA. I don't know why it always takes planning for me, but it does. She and I have been friends for many years and have traveled across the country and back, but laughed that we haven't ever done LA. So we were off..

First we headed here hoping to check this out in person. I have long wanted to go and was glad to finally see it in person. But the store was closed, and doesn't look like anyone has been there for a while. I called to be sure we were at the right place, because you would never picture it in the middle of the city where it is. No luck, no answer. Hopefully nothing has happened and we can come another time. Next we headed down Melrose into LA. We called and found out we could get in The Ivy for lunch. You guys know this place right? White picket fence, paparazzi frenzy, diner to the celebs. It was so much fun, and the perfect place to go with Robbin and as she is a bit starstruck. We got there and were seated at a corner table on the patio. We had a perfect view of the Bentley's, Roll's, and Limo's pulling up in front, as well as the entire patio. The waiter was friendly and gave Robbin the celebrity scoop which is right up her alley. I'm telling you if Britney and her paparazzo boyfriend had come in we would have seen the whole thing. We people watched, ate, drank, and chatted for the next hour and a half. The food was surprisingly good, and the service is friendly and unintrusive. I am not sure I would go back but its fun to do once. And just as you'd imagine the photogs were planted across the street the whole time.
We window shopped on Robertson Blvd, drove through the Hollywood Hills, and saw some amazing homes. I love the Hollywood sign and wanted to try and make my way up there. You can't actually get up to it, but you can get pretty close. Talk about can't see the forest for the trees, you can't tell where you are when you're up there but we laughed and had a good time anyways. 
Our final destination was Sweet Lady Jane. It's the best bakery and a cute little place to have a small lunch. We however were here for treats, and treats we had... so good!! I should have taken more photo's but I was the driver and it's hard to do both in this fast moving city. Here however is a photo of our bill at Sweet Lady Jane's just because I cracked up that two petite girls (kidding!) such as ourselves spent as much on dessert as we had on lunch! Believe me it was worth every penny and it isn't pricey, this is the bill for 6 desserts and 2 coffee's. We've got our priorities straight; share lunch, get 3 desserts each afterwards! 
We had a great day and our southern California weather didn't fail us. I hope to take advantage of our fun city again before too long. Thanks for a fun day Robbin, I'm up for it anytime you are. Have a great weekend everyone.
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