Tuesday, February 12

great new stuff...

Last week I got my first charm (pictured below) in the mail from Mendy. It's the first of 8 to arrive and I wasn't surprised by Mendy's creativity, or style. Her's is a favorite, and one I think you'll love as well. I had already started my charms when her's arrived, but my mojo wasn't flowing and I felt at a standstill. That, and the fact that I was dreading attaching the jump rings, something that I can't seem to get the hang of. 
Well, I am happy to report that one day at CHA were enough to jump start my charms. I did a soldering demo with a few girls who helped me master the art of jump rings... well, maybe not master, but I can say everyone's charms will freely dangle from a sweet ribbon, ready to hang about one's neck, a doorknob, or even from a lamp switch.
Here's a little teaser of a few of the charms I've made. They will go out tomorrow with the others, and as soon as I get mine I will be sure and post them all, as well as all the wonderfully talented ladies Mendy gathered for this collaborative. It's so much fun to play with women in this capacity, sharing our art, and inspiring each other.
In other news, it's no wonder that one of my favorite booths at CHA was Stampington's. I was able to get a copy of a new magazine debuting shortly, Sew Somerset. It is sure to be one I will pour over as the focus is "the art of sewing with mixed-media". This is so up my alley!
Here's just a hint of what the pages hold...

These pages above are by Caterina Giglio. I can't wait to find out more about her and her art! I think the page below is fabulous as well! It's done by Anni Schwabe.
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