Sunday, February 17

Hunting & Gathering

I have spent all weekend puttering around, getting things ready for The Art Nest. I was so happy to get in to this one, and think it is the best line up! Amy Hanna, Pam Garrison, and Anahata Katkin are the teachers, who could ask for more? I am thrilled with thoughts of what I'll learn from each of these talented ladies.  I have my paints, paper and ledger for Pam's class, I've copied photos, bought canvas', and inks for Anahata's class, and collected jewelry bits and pieces for a month in anticipation of Amy's class. 
My trades are packed and ready to share... so hard trying to decide what I should put together. Alas I resorted to one of my favorite things, old paper.
A few weeks ago my welcome pack arrived...
It was stuffed full of postcards from the teachers, info on what to bring (I looked at the weather there this morning, it was 1 degree!), an invitation to vendor night, our schedule, and more.
I am not sure I'll be back again before I leave early Wednesday morning, but I'll be sure and share photo's and all the fun when I get home. Everyone have a great week! Oh, and please think safe, and happy travel thoughts for all of us attending. 
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