Monday, February 4

Swip, Swap, Lollipop!

Oh, my mailman had been bringing goodies for days now! I joined 4 Valentine's Day Swaps and the packages are rolling in... oh, what goodness they contain. The first package that came is from the very sweet and thoughtful Maria. Take a look at the red velvet heart! I love it, the hand mirror, the ledger paper, and wallpaper.... 
Look at all she was able to fill into the red velvet heart box, that old cabinet card is so sweet, and the rhinestone circle is a definite favorite. Thank you so much Maria, it's all so nice, and very generous of you. I can't wait to play with every little thing!

The next package that came was from Stefanie in Germany. She sent me a box full of fun as well. She handmade a monogrammed heart using vintage farmhouse linen. She also added some raspberry tea Mr Warren has his eye on, German chocolates, heart shaped teas lights and more. While it's all just wonderful, I had to sit down when I saw a bundle tied up which reads, "Old farm house linen, over 80 years old". Oh Stefanie thank you ever so much! I love it all, and have even started using the linen. I made a little packet for a book I am working on, a little bed for it so to speak.

With all the swaps going on these days, I know I'm not the only one finding happiness on their doorstep. I can't wait to see what the rest of you get!
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