Monday, March 31

Flea Market Recap

Isn't there some saying men have about the Sunday Morning Quarterback, or is it Armchair Quarterback? I don't know... but somewhere in my 40+ years I remember hearing that. I'm not quite sure why that popped in my head just now. Anyways... I didn't do as well as I'd hoped in finishing my cabinet/dishes makeover. But I did find a few little things that came home  from the flea market with me. I picked these hats up (only $25 smackaroo's) with the intention of pulling of the flowers (and I will) I just have to look at them in tact for few days before I end there lives as hats. I'm always a bit torn at that chore. 
I also picked up a couple of photos, flowers and some delicate blue trim for a whopping $9.00, I love that part!
Here are 3 bowls, 3 berry bowls, and 2 butter pat plates to add to my cupboard. 
I'm a little unsure of this last setting, but loved that it was complete (and only $6.00). I hate when I am prodded by price to buy something, because the colors aren't really what I want.
That's it girls, my Monday morning recap. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Saturday, March 29

After seeing this photo last year it's stuck in my head. I'd love to open my cabinets and have this staring back at me. Problem is I wasn't sure my archery loving boys would feel the same way. Our home is not overly feminine in any way, as a matter of fact, besides my scrappy room, we have more of a Pottery Barn look as it it better suited to my husbands hunting trophies. Oy! Well last night I spoke to Mr Warren and asked his opinion, and much to my surprise he said he didn't think  Jane's colletion it was as pretty as I do, but he also said he didn't care about dishes in general, and he doesn't care what I do in the kitchen! Music to my ears! My mission at the flea market tomorrow is finding a few pretty blue plates to add to what I've already found. 

Here's hoping my vision is closer than I ever thought it might be. 

Wednesday, March 26

I'm a lucky girl...

A few weeks ago I asked Sandra to throw my name in the hat, along with 176 other hopefuls. She was hosting a giveaway for 3 of her lovely, handmade, paper flowers featured in her book, Fanciful Paper Flowers. If you haven't check out her books, they are amazing and cleverly done. Not only does she give you detailed instructions as you'd expect, but she also includes full color copies of the images and paper she uses. I love that! Well, I feel off my chair, and spilled my diet coke when I saw this a few days later! 
Here are the little beauties now blowing in the breeze in my own backyard. I think they'll be safer in my scrappy room, but for now they are lovely bringing a bit of spring to the patio. 

Thanks so much Sandra, I couldn't be happier to have  won these sweet posies. Your work amazes me, and I am thrilled to have some of your original art.

Monday, March 24

Good day, sunshine...

I don't want to boast, or rub it in... but it is another beautiful day here in sunny So Cal. I think it was almost 90 yesterday (had me thinking of this sweet girl and how different the climate where she is. I am sure she will be loving the sunshine when she gets to California this week.)! I am headed out to the backyard with a glass of lemonade, paints, paper, markers,  and this book...

It's the one I started last month at The Art Nest in Pam Garrison's class. I love her idea of having a book where the pages are in various stages of progress, artistically speaking. It makes turning the pages and choosing which to work on next, such fun. I'll be busting out all the great stuff Suzanne and Hope sent me last week. 
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and that spring is soon headed your way, wherever you are!

Friday, March 21

Good Friday Indeed!

Oh, I love the weather we are having this week, sunny clear blue skies and mid 70's. I'm finally feeling in sync with where I am, and what I want to be doing. I just love when it all falls into place, and everything comes together. It has been a great week indeed.
I have long dubbed Fridays my play~day, the one day of the week I try to keep clear for fun and play. It has always seemed to me like a great way to head into the weekend. And today did not disappoint... I slept in, took a late shower, read all of your new blog posts, then hit a few thrift stores. I came home with 3 sweet finds, but the real treat was coming home to a few packages on my porch from dear friends. One was from Suzanne who recently wanted a wallpaper pack I had, I suggested a swap and happily she agreed. I'd so much rather have art supplies than money, and if the truth be told the money is most often spent on art supplies anyways. 

Look at the fabulous wallpapers Suzanne sent! I thought she was sending a paper pack, but I wasn't expecting great old wallpapers like this. I LoVe it all and can't wait to start a new project I have been working on. Thanks so much Suzanne, I love it all! 
My next swappy pack was equally as nice and came from the very talented Hope of Paper Relics. I just love her new line, and we agreed on a swap as well. I aDoRe everything she sent, but wonder if I'll really be able to use this stuff it's so fabulous! Her style is the best. I can't wait to see the heights she reaches with all her talent. 

Thank you so much Hope and Suzanne, you were so very generous and I can't wait to play with all my new supplies. Is it bad if I hope my husband goes hunting, fishing, or to the archery range tomorrow so I can create? Opps, that just sorta popped right out!
I hope you all have great Easter weekend spent with those you love. May laughter and good times fill your weekend. Hoppy Easter! 

Monday, March 17

what's not to love?

A few weeks ago, Nancy and I planned to hit our favorite flea market, in Long Beach this weekend. But early this week rain was forecast and it kept us wondering if we'd get there at all. Thankfully our fabulous California weather didn't fail us, it was a beautiful day, and off we went. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but happened upon a few little treasures to bring home...

How much do you love these? I just adore the delicate needlework on these sweet ladies.
What's not to love about beautiful spring day, a fun girlfriend, and time spent together hunting your favorite flea market?

Thursday, March 13

Spring cleaning

Ya know how I'm always saying I love paper? Well I do. I love it.. old, new, wallpaper, book paper... I love it all. BUT I have way too much of it! So while spring cleaning my scrappy room I have put together a few $5.00 wallpaper packs. These are beautiful, spring colors great for all your paper craft needs, and they are huge packs (most of them are over 12 square feet of floral, pastel goodness).  So if your in the mood for spring colors, flowers in bloom, and the pastel hues of Easter eggs please take a peek at these... you can see them here

Sunday, March 9

In the Company of Women...

As expected (and hope for) Saturday was so much fun! I taught my first class at Gilding the Lily in Fullerton, and am thrilled that everyone walked away with a finished book. I wasn't sure what to expect, but am happy to report that I wasn't a bit nervous, I didn't faint or fumble (as I feared I might) and it was more fun than I had anticipated. Although we expected a few more gals there, I am glad it was a small group for my first effort. Here is a group of us with our finished books...
I am off to updated my little, empty, neglected Etsy Shoppe... 

Tuesday, March 4

a few of my FaVoRiTe things...

Charms, and swaps... Fun, talented and creative friends that host such fun things... Along with new friends made online that share their creations with others. These are a few of my favorite things! Let's not forget cute boys & their guitars! Oh, how I love that this little land~of~blog has brought us all together (except for the cute guitar player)!
I showed you a few weeks ago the charm Mendy had sent me from her Soldered Charm Swap. Well here are all of the charms I received together. There were 8 of us that participated. Thanks to Britt, Carol, Teresa, Mendy, Layla, Dale and Tina for all the fabulous charms they created and sent. I love them all, and think I will find a little spot on one of my old lampshades to hang them from.

My sweet, talented,  sisah~friend Tammy has sent me yet another lovely bundle of trinkets. This is my current favorite place to shop, and I can hardly get enough of her stuff. Take a peek for yourself. Go on now, I'll wait... Just look at the great stuff I found there last week...
Last but not least, while some girls go for that Guitar Hero 3 kinda guy, I'll take a ReAL RoCk StaR any day! Ethyn's dad just bought him a Pee Wee Les Paul and amp to match his own. How cute is this?!

Now I am off to get ready for "The Grand Pubba Meeting" at our house tonight. Yes, yes Mr Warren and his archery~club, beer~sluggin, rough and rowdy friends are having the monthly meeting here tonight. Oh the fun never stops! Have a great day everyone....
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