Saturday, March 29

After seeing this photo last year it's stuck in my head. I'd love to open my cabinets and have this staring back at me. Problem is I wasn't sure my archery loving boys would feel the same way. Our home is not overly feminine in any way, as a matter of fact, besides my scrappy room, we have more of a Pottery Barn look as it it better suited to my husbands hunting trophies. Oy! Well last night I spoke to Mr Warren and asked his opinion, and much to my surprise he said he didn't think  Jane's colletion it was as pretty as I do, but he also said he didn't care about dishes in general, and he doesn't care what I do in the kitchen! Music to my ears! My mission at the flea market tomorrow is finding a few pretty blue plates to add to what I've already found. 

Here's hoping my vision is closer than I ever thought it might be. 
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