Monday, March 31

Flea Market Recap

Isn't there some saying men have about the Sunday Morning Quarterback, or is it Armchair Quarterback? I don't know... but somewhere in my 40+ years I remember hearing that. I'm not quite sure why that popped in my head just now. Anyways... I didn't do as well as I'd hoped in finishing my cabinet/dishes makeover. But I did find a few little things that came home  from the flea market with me. I picked these hats up (only $25 smackaroo's) with the intention of pulling of the flowers (and I will) I just have to look at them in tact for few days before I end there lives as hats. I'm always a bit torn at that chore. 
I also picked up a couple of photos, flowers and some delicate blue trim for a whopping $9.00, I love that part!
Here are 3 bowls, 3 berry bowls, and 2 butter pat plates to add to my cupboard. 
I'm a little unsure of this last setting, but loved that it was complete (and only $6.00). I hate when I am prodded by price to buy something, because the colors aren't really what I want.
That's it girls, my Monday morning recap. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.
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