Friday, March 21

Good Friday Indeed!

Oh, I love the weather we are having this week, sunny clear blue skies and mid 70's. I'm finally feeling in sync with where I am, and what I want to be doing. I just love when it all falls into place, and everything comes together. It has been a great week indeed.
I have long dubbed Fridays my play~day, the one day of the week I try to keep clear for fun and play. It has always seemed to me like a great way to head into the weekend. And today did not disappoint... I slept in, took a late shower, read all of your new blog posts, then hit a few thrift stores. I came home with 3 sweet finds, but the real treat was coming home to a few packages on my porch from dear friends. One was from Suzanne who recently wanted a wallpaper pack I had, I suggested a swap and happily she agreed. I'd so much rather have art supplies than money, and if the truth be told the money is most often spent on art supplies anyways. 

Look at the fabulous wallpapers Suzanne sent! I thought she was sending a paper pack, but I wasn't expecting great old wallpapers like this. I LoVe it all and can't wait to start a new project I have been working on. Thanks so much Suzanne, I love it all! 
My next swappy pack was equally as nice and came from the very talented Hope of Paper Relics. I just love her new line, and we agreed on a swap as well. I aDoRe everything she sent, but wonder if I'll really be able to use this stuff it's so fabulous! Her style is the best. I can't wait to see the heights she reaches with all her talent. 

Thank you so much Hope and Suzanne, you were so very generous and I can't wait to play with all my new supplies. Is it bad if I hope my husband goes hunting, fishing, or to the archery range tomorrow so I can create? Opps, that just sorta popped right out!
I hope you all have great Easter weekend spent with those you love. May laughter and good times fill your weekend. Hoppy Easter! 
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