Sunday, April 27

Birthday Treats

I love time spent with family when everyone's gathered together laughing, chatting, being a bit too loud, kids playing and having a good time. I can get a little overwhelmed preparing for it all, but in the end I always wonder why as the fun far outweighs the work of it. To me there's nothing better! On Saturday we all gathered together to celebrate 2 birthdays. Our sweet Hailey will be 1 next Saturday, and my birthday is this week. Since a few of us will be out of town, we celebrated this weekend. 

I made Hailey's party hat, and was glad her Mom liked it and wanted to take it home for her big party next weekend. I also bought her first real doll, a Madame Alexander. I LoVed dolls as a little girl, and hope Hailey will too. I think it's working; once she opened her up, she couldn't take her eyes off her new baby. Everyone had a good time, and might I add...

Who knew Saturdays were the perfect day to have parties? We have always had our get togethers on Sunday afternoons. But this is much better with the family here to help with clean up, and no one getting up early for work the next morning. I'll definitely be doing this again soon, anyone up for a cool drink and a play date?
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