Tuesday, April 29

Kentucky Derby Hat Swap

This Friday Bristol is hosting her Kentucky Derby Hat Swap. I LoVe hats, and am thrilled to be participating! I sent my hat off to my partner, the fabulous Cheryl Dack and can harly wait to see the yummy confection {wink wink} she will send me! We are suppose to post our hats this Friday, to be shown in time for The Kentucky Derby this weekend. But I leave early tomorrow morning for Art & Soul, and asked Bristol if I could post mine today. I can only imagine the hats everyone will come up with, and you guys can follow along on Bristol's blog as she posts links to all the hats on Friday. Oh, and the talented Kari and Kijsa are judging the hats in Show, Place, and Win catagories. While I have no delusions about winning, I have to say it was such fun to putting Cheryl's hat together. Now take a peek at the silly fun I had trying to take the photos. I figured I might as well have fun, and channel my inner "That Girl" with  it! I hope you enjoy your hat Cheryl! Maybe those darling, sweet girls of yours will enjoy playing dress up with it!

In other news:
I have a friend who has Old Wallpaper Sample Books that need a new home. She has heaps, and boxes of then and asked me to let you girls know. If you're interested in any of them you can e-mail Paulette at Paulettejadams@gmail.com. 
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