Monday, April 7

Monday, Monday...

Why is it that Mondays just call out to be housekeeping day? Even with our kids grown, our youngest out of school, two married and out of the house... some things never change. Monday is housekeeping day, it's just the way it is. The washer's going, the floors have been vacuumed and moped, the sheets changed and beds are made. I even washed my son's bedroom windows. I'd say I deserve a little break for a diet coke and some chit~chat.
The Mercantile Flea Market on Saturday was a lot of fun, if somewhat small as new beginnings often are. Even with the overcast day, everyone got rid of loads of great stuff...

Here are a few little things I found for myself... all of which I bought from my girlfriends! what are friends for, right?

That fabulous trim above is gathered, you simply pull the string in the center and voila, you have an instant, fun, little trim to add to all your art projects. I'll try and use some this week to show you how great it is!
Ok, duty calls... everyone have a great Monday!
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