Tuesday, May 6

back from Art & Soul...

What a week! I just got home yesterday from 6 days in Virginia at Art & Soul. I can't begin to tell you the fun I had, the fabulous classes I took, and the great friends I made, as well as this one (pictured with Keli) I was able to catch up with.  I met Leslie last year at Silver Bella, and on our last night there a few of us decided we wanted to search out other art events, and really explore this big wide world of art classes and retreats. Within a week, we had signed up for Art & Soul in Hampton. It was truly everything and more I had hoped it would be. I played it safe when choosing my classes, something I wound up regretting just a bit. Everything was perfect in the end, and I was able to squeeze in a bonus class that was a bit edgy, but a definite favorite. More on that later.
The first class I took was with Stephanie Rubiano. I LOVE how she transforms old photos into "Perching Pixies", and that was the theme of our class. If you haven't heard of her or seen her work, check out the link to her Flickr above. Stephanie is a great teacher and I took home 2 complete pixies, and another only in need of his crown and wings. I just love how they turned out, and will absolutely be making more of these!

I wound up staying in Hampton an extra day, and was able to rent a car and see the small town we stayed in. I don't know what it is about my last night somewhere, but after seeing the great art everyone created, and (honestly) after 5 days of "Happy Hour" at The Embassy Suites (boy we are a happy hour kinda crowd!), hearing that a few of my favorite girls were already registered for Art & Soul in Oregon, Keli brought me her lap top and I registered to go with them. I didn't repeat the mistake of playing it safe as far as my classes were concerned this time, and I am so looking forward to learning more, and growing as an artist. 
With so many great retreats and even soft art events going on, I encourage all of you to get there and play! There is something for everyone and it is so much fun! Now go... dream, create, and share! I'll share more later... now, I need a nap.
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