Monday, May 12

simply beautiful...

For years my husband and son have spent Mother's Day morning taking my Mother-in-Law to church and then breakfast afterwards. They have a special relationship with her, and it's her morning with two of her favorite boys. It makes her happy to have them with her, in the church she has attended over 20 years. This year we celebrated with her on Saturday night, and after returning home my son asked if I would like to go to breakfast with him on Sunday morning. I was touched and moved that at 20 he is starting new traditions, ones that I will cherish and hold close to my heart. Our breakfast for two grew into brunch for 6, pots of steamers, jumbo prawn cocktail, and grilled artichokes! We followed that with ice cream at the beach, and sandcastles and naps on the sand. There isn't a thing we wanted for, and nothing I would change. It was a simply beautiful day with those I love most.
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