Thursday, May 22

Simply Me Art

Last week I entered Jamie's BlogAversary Giveaway at Simply Me Art in honor of her 1st year blogging. I have long admired Jamie's jewelry, and am regularly looking at her creations in her very successful Etsy shoppe. So when she e-mailed telling me I had won her giveaway, I was excited to finally own some of her stuff. Just look at all the loot she sent my way! A bracelet with a fabulous rhinestone centerpiece, 2 hairpins that I will definitely use, a great pair of long earrings, and a fabulous ring that is such fun (sorry for the poor photo, China thought maybe it was for her). Jamie also sent me one of her great blue, tiara tee shirts that Rowdy finds very cozy. Thank you so much Jamie, I love it all! If you guys haven't checked out her shoppe, hop on over there and take a peek at her stuff for yourself...
Now I'm off to Gilding the Lily, tonight is open studio night!
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